AB #359 | ShareASale Think Tank 2014 and Our Breakation to Elvis Presley’s Graceland

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host and Instructor of the Affiliate Marketers BootCamp, James Martell, is joined by Arlene to talk about the ShareASale Think Tank and their recent trip to Memphis and Graceland, the home of Elvis.

James and Arlene have been very excited about this trip and have talked about it loads in previous Affiliate Buzz episodes. Their trip started early on Saturday morning when they got up at 4am to head over to the airport. Their first flight was to Chicago, but James wasn’t aware of much of the flight as he was asleep very quickly. When they landed in the windy city, they had a short layover. Then they were back on the plane to go to Charlotte and to a nice overnight hotel and they rented a car to tour the city. They found the area to be like a sleepy little town which surprised them as they thought it would more like downtown Vancouver.

At ShareASale Think Tank 2014

On the Sunday afternoon they swapped bases and headed to The Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge. It is a beautiful location and the premises are in an L shape. This makes it very easy to get around and know where you are within the building. James and Arlene were in a room that overlooked the 18th hole of a golf course. On the Sunday night there was a wine and scotch tasting event before the main even kicked off on the Monday morning. The ShareASale team are always looking after their guests and as James puts it: their care is first class. On the Monday morning there were some sessions to help attendees learn some tricks of the trade and then in the afternoon there was the chance to have some meetings with merchants. There were 48 merchants in attendance and many had brought free samples of their products and services to give away. James and Arlene scooped up some pyjamas for the grandchildren with thanks to Roger Snow and his team at Snow Consulting. Then they went to a lodge on the premises where there was a little games night. Arlene’s team won the trivia quiz and the prize was a month’s membership to the California Wine Club. There were lots of games for attendee’s to enjoy including pool tables, racing cars, skiing games and darts. There was also a candy bar and free bar. Then on the Tuesday morning there was a keynote speech with Missy Ward, co-founder of Affiliate Summit. She is a very well respected individual in the industry and it is always a pleasure to speak to her. Then there was a session with Brian Littleton where he stands in the middle of a big circle and asks for feedback on how ShareASale can improve.

The Merchant Catalogue

James and Arlene also discuss about the merchant catalogue and magazine that is released every year. In it are details about products and commission offers that are available for affiliates. James has a hardcopy, but there is a digital PDF version available. In this year’s catalogue there are various products on offer including Christmas trees, presents and ties as well as other products such as ties and digital photo displays.

Memphis And The Home Of Elvis

Then the couple went on a mini-breakation, as they advise listeners to do on other Affiliate Buzz episodes to do when attending conferences. This time they went to Memphis. They weren’t so impressed with the town, but really enjoyed visiting Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley. Arlene considered the experience as “mind blowing” and she was excited to be there. During the show the couple discuss in great detail about the tour including:

  • A walk through of the tour and what you are able to see.
  • Information about Elvis’ two planes: Hound Dog One and Hound Dog Two.
  • How the place has changed since his death.
  • The rooms and offices in the house that James didn't realize were there.
  • The impressive trophy building where all his gold and platinum albums are located.

While James and Arlene were not able to take any video footage of their trip, they could take photos. They also state that even if you are not an Elvis fan, this is a must visit location. The VIP tickets are not that expensive and the option to go around twice is well worth the expense.

Upcoming Guests

Finally James and Arlene go on to talk about the guests that will be appearing on the show in the next couple of weeks. This includes Roger Snow from Snow Consulting, Asif from GoldenCan, Kelly Hudson from Cafe Press and Scott Jangro from Shareist. Next week James will be speaking to the president of Making Shifts Happen: Stephanie Stanfield. In that episode they will discuss how to get unstuck and back on track to building a lifestyle business.


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  • The Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge
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  • California Wine Club
  • Missy Ward
  • Brian Littleton
  • GoldenCan
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  • Stephanie Stanfield


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