Affiliate Buzz #244 – Looking Ahead: Affiliate Summit Central and ShareASale ThinkTank

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz audio newsletter James Martell, successful publisher, speaker and author talks with wife and co-host Arlene Martell about the 2012 Affiliate Summit Central and ShareASale ThinkTank in Austin Texas.

It's no surprise to hear James and Arlene talk about affiliate conferences, especially these two. After all they've attended several and can personally tell you how powerful these conferences can be. But the power of these conferences is not the focus of this conversation, at least not the primary one.

To begin James shares the luxury of attending a smaller conference when compared to Las Vegas or New York City where you'll compete with thousands of attendees. This smaller location is capping off at around 500, offering you a personal feel with plenty of one on one attention.

Next, having two conferences back to back with ShareASale ThinkTank right on the heels of Affiliate Summit you have the ability to take in two conferences for a fraction of the cost. You'll only need to purchase a single airfare, hotels are cheaper and the surrounding area is absolutely beautiful.

A Look Back at a Few ShareASale ThinkTanks:







A Look Back at a Few Affiliate Summits:





Then Arlene breaks down by conference what you can expect on the agenda day by day for the cost of admission. Affiliate Summit offers the traditional Meet Markets, informative sessions and the famous Ask the Experts at the end. Moving right in to the ThinkTank agenda Brian Littleton was sure to spoil attendees yet again. From staying on the lake to a fun filled afternoon at the Marina you won't want to miss.

Covered in this edition:

To wrap up this edition of the Buzz James and Arlene remind listeners that there is still time to register for the Affiliate Marketer's Bootcamp and how to sign up. Then Arlene shares details on the listener’s pack put together specifically for Buzz listeners at no cost to you. Listen in to learn how to claim your copy today.

And if you are...

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