Affiliate Buzz #302 – SheIsMedia: A Network Exclusive to Women

itunesIn this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host James Martell, founder of The Internet School of Marketing, and his wife Arlene welcome special guest Tricia Wackerly, the Media Ringleader and Chief Influence Officer at She Is Media (, an affiliate network for women based in a scenic town just outside Denver, Colorado.

She is Media is a unique community designed to embrace women bloggers with authentic voices and influence. Women bloggers are so influential, and James praises his wife Arlene who he describes as a walking infomercial.

From Stay at Home Mom to She Is Media

Tricia had a marketing background before having children or staying home to raise them. So it was no surprise that when time came to rejoin the workforce, she returned to her roots and started her first media marketing company.

Listen to Tricia share with James and Arlene that she has always had a passion for small business, and how she used her natural abilities to make her company grow. Some of those things she feels helped include:

  • her experience as a stay-at-home mom
  • later experiences as a working mom
  • collaborating with other female bloggers
  • a natural ability to chat with other people

If You Like It, Talk About It, and Get Paid for Talking About It!

As Tricia points out, when women like something, they like to talk about it! Reviews hold so much power. Listen to Tricia and Arlene share personal experiences in this matter, including how you can make money by sharing your opinions and reviews!

She Is Media came about when Tricia was in a meeting with Matt Frary, otherwise known as the Chief of Chaos from SmarterChaos (, who was a guest on a former episode of Affiliate Buzz with James Martell. During this meeting Tricia shared her vision and Matt had a lot of great ideas to offer.

Every Woman Has a Story

Listen to Tricia explain how “Every Woman Has a Story” and how the individual stories of today’s women is the driving force behind She Is Media. Some of the things women may share include:

  • Being pregnant or raising children
  • Spending time with girlfriends
  • Tips for staying fit or shopping

Tune in to also hear Arlene and Tricia discuss how personal stories can connect women who are otherwise halfway across the world from each other. If you are a blogger and want to reach other women who can relate to your personal stories while being paid to do it, then you will not want to miss this episode!

Unique Ideas to Make Your Blog Successful

James asks Tricia for advice about what unique ideas she has for making a blog successful. Tricia’s first piece of advice is to be diverse and open to new ideas, and then the two spend time discussing exactly what those ideas are. You won’t want to miss this valuable advice!

Tune in to hear Tricia’s suggestions for things that female blogger can do to engage their audience, keep things fresh, and sometimes even see the person who is behind the words on the screen, such as in the case of video blogs, which are often called “vlogs”.

This episode of Affiliate Buzz also shares some of the niche marketing campaigns targeted to women that are associated with She Is Media. You won’t want to miss a second, so tune in to hear the entire half-hour long discussion now!


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