Affiliate Buzz #305 – Simple Changes Skyrocket Email Opt-Ins By As Much As 2100%

itunesIn this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host James Martell welcomes guest Ryan Carmody from who explains how to optimize email opt-in offer incentives which therefore increases opt-in rates. These are the same methods Ryan uses in his own affiliate marketing campaign.

As James points out, if you want to create a steady stream of traffic to your site to help build relationships, then developing a successful opt-in offer is the one of the easiest, most effective ways to do this.

As Ryan has achieved great success in this area of building a total online presence , he is the perfect guest for this topic!

A Big Jump in Traffic in Less than Two Years

In this podcast you can expect to hear James and Ryan discuss several different aspects of Ryan’s site. These aspects include, but are anything but limited to, strategies such as newsletters, recipes, and of course a steady stream of fresh, new content.

Tune in to hear why it is important to constantly add new traffic to your site. Ryan has some pretty impressive traffic, especially when you consider that he just began his site in 2011. Tune in to hear him explain what works for him, including:

  • what types of posts he has on his website and how they bring traffic to his site
  • how he went from non-existent traffic to between 1700 and 2300 visitors to his site each day
  • his description of the pivotal moment when traffic really began to take off
  • how social media and one-button clicks help increase subscription rates

This podcast has all the details, including how Ryan received a bit of help from James and Arlene along the way. You will not want to miss hearing how Ryan took advantage of tools like Hybrid Connect -- which is something James also uses, and the positive effects they have had on his site.

Effective Use of Email Opt-In Forms

You will hear Ryan detail how he set up his opt-in form, including how he went about hiring someone on Elance to help with the cover graphics. After leaving the opt-in to see what would result, Ryan describes the changes he made and how it affected:

  • where the opt-in is located on his site and in his newsletters
  • how the opt-in affected his subscription rates
  • what the site’s current daily subscription rate is at the time of this podcast

Ryan isn't the only one to enjoy a successful email opt-in program. James also shares an email from Eric Boyle from New York's, who had a similar experience. Tune in to hear the simple change Eric made that increased his sign-ups by 2100%!

There is something in this episode of Affiliate Buzz to help everyone looking for ways to optimize traffic to increase profits. The half hour you invest in this episode will pay itself back several times over when you apply the useful tips to your own site!


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