Affiliate Buzz #318 – How to Spot Creative Ideas to Develop Awesome Content

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host James Martell speaks with Multi-Channel eCommerce Retail Marketing Professional Liz Gazer from Growthspurt Media.

With 10 years experience managing programs in fashion, health, home decor, travel and more, in this episode Liz is the perfect guest for this episode in which she shares tips for how to spot and jump on opportunities to develop awesome content.

Ideas for Creating Fresh Content

The episode kicks off with a quick comparison between offline and online industries. The primary difference is that the online ones continue to grow! James points out that the diversity of the online world offers something for anyone who is willing to put forth the effort. And as Liz points out, it does take a lot of hard work but the rewards are huge.

Next James and Liz talk about the meat of this episode, which is content. Even those people who find it easy to create content can benefit from listening to this episode in regards to things like Google algorithms, like Hummingbird. The two also discuss:

  • content that fills the needs of online consumers
  • the various types of content available for websites
  • what to focus on in regards to new content

Next Liz reinforces something that James has said in previous episodes, which is get to know the affiliate manager behind the product. She shares things you can ask the manager to not only help create better content, but also to get to know the product better, which as James points out helps build credibility.

Spotting Opportunities for Content

The discussion then heads into how to spot opportunities for content creation. Liz explains her preferred method, but also reveals the number one way to stay current. She also shares a tip that internet marketing consultant Eric Nagel shared at a meetup for tips on using Google+. Other areas of discussion in this segment include:

  • how to use trending topics to create content
  • using social media content to drive web traffic
  • encouraging visitors to help create content
  • and more!

Moving right along, James asks Liz to give a little background information on herself, Growthspurt Media, and her affiliate, Hourglass Angel, which boasts a 1000% growth over the past three years!

The episode wraps up with James and Liz discussing the lucrative commission that internet marketers can earn by partnering with this innovative and exciting affiliate. Listeners interested in participating with the affiliate can contact Liz directly for more information on the site’s affiliate page

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