AB #472 | $0 – $19,000 in Sales with a 46¢ Postcard That Can Make Local Businesses Chase You to Do Their Marketing with James Martell

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, James Martell talks about Cindy Small about how she went from $0 to $19,000 in sales with a 46¢ postcard with his SmarterLocal Partner Program.

A doctor found Cindy because of that postcard. Cindy and James put together a proposal for the doctor to attract new patients to his office. The doctor gave the go ahead to develop two $3,500 websites with a 12-month ongoing promotional program for $12,000, for a combined total sale of $19,000. The hard costs to develop the Websites and implement the promotional program is about $6,000 because everything is outsourced, leaving $13,000 for the partner. There's some money to be made when you start a SmarterLocal digital marketing agency and work with local business owners who really need help.

Start a SmarterLocal Digital Marketing Agency

James talks about the $10,000 guarantee he offers all SmarterLocal Partners. He works side-by-side mentoring them, just like he did with Cindy, until $10,000 in sales is closed. It’s a win-win situation. With the program, local partners manage the clients, but are able to outsource much of the work to be done to low-cost freelancers who are eager to do the work for them.

Michael Gerber, author of the "E-Myth - Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It," points out that you are better off to start a business that you know little about. For example, a business person can start a bakery and hire bakers. Knowing how to make cakes has nothing to do with running a business.

Outsource Using Upwork

James has successfully outsourced 1,600 projects and worked with more than 500 freelancers. He is a huge fan of outsourcing. He teaches classes and writes about it. In the SmarterLocal Program, he teaches partners how to become a master outsourcer.

Apply to start a SmarterLocal digital marketing agency. James walks partners through the steps involved to become 100% proficient in hiring talented freelancers, including pre-written job descriptions and orders used to hire them. Use the guidelines created by James to build a team of anyone you need to succeed.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • Why it's not worth your time to do the work when you can hire low-cost professionals to handle most of the tasks for you.
  • How to use Upwork (freelancer site) and Basecamp (project management system) as a powerful way to run and manage a business.
  • When dealing with local business owners, a common misconception is that you are marketing SmarterLocal services and products to an area that you live in. Not true – services can be managed from anywhere!
  • Why local business owners only care about increasing revenues, by attracting local consumers to their business and keep them coming back.
  • How to centralize generating leads by giving the task to people who do it every day. Again, the business owner does not need to handle such a task.
  • How the SmarterLocal Program provides clients with a website, marketing funnel, training, support - everything you need to start a SmarterLocal digital marketing agency.
  • Ways to utilize mailing out postcards because they are inexpensive; less mail is being sent out, so people notice it; and why business owners are tired of their inboxes being full of unwanted email ads.
  • How digital marketing consulting services, such as podcasts and Facebook ads, generate leads and high profit margins.
  • How to manage the freelancers you have hired via outsourcing.


  • Find out more information on how to start a SmarterLocal digital marketing agency, which gives you everything you need to market to local business owners looking to attract new customers. Call 604-542-0747 or email helpdesk@jamesmartell.com.
  • Learn about James’ weekly, live online training class; private Facebook group; and private portal featuring tools to promote your services in the marketplace.
  • Basecamp is on online project management system used by James.


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