AB #383 | Starting Business Over After Life Got In The Way

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host and Instructor of the Affiliate Marketers BootCamp, James Martell along with his wife Arlene follow up on the last episode, I Sure Screwed that Up, with more advice for starting business over after life gets in the way.

James shares that before the podcast, he had a nice drive along the Vancouver area coastline. He and Arlene describe the moderate climate of their corner of the continent, and compare it to temperatures in some other areas of North America.

When Life Derails Your Business Plan

James then segues into the topic of what happens when you come back after something gets in the way of your business. If you started your company with high hopes, then you are not alone. James says he and Arlene did the same after the dot-com crash happened and merchants that previously paid for leads no longer existed.

After deciding to take off again, in the middle of the Christmas holidays several years ago, James and Arlene's business took another hit when suddenly their sites disappeared and everything stopped ranking. Once again they started over.

James and Arlene also run through some of the ways they've seen life derail entrepreneurs' plans to start a business. These range from taking time to recover after a death in the family, to the merchant changing something that affects the conversion rate, to losing your passwords and domain name, and more.

How to Start Over after Life Happens

Life creates ebbs and flows that will cause you to adapt and change your business. During this episode, James and Arlene share tips about starting over that include:

  • Get a plan in place that is your own. James cautions against using someone else's plan. You know what's best for your business.
  • Unsubscribe from all your lists. This will allow you to focus without distractions or influences.
  • Turn off the online noise, grab a pencil and paper, and really focus on making your plan.
  • Evaluate the status of every aspect of your site. You might need to prune back a few things, or scrap everything and start over.
  • Look at the end result. Arlene offers some ideas for things you might want in the end result, such as your website graphics, how you're going to use that site to sell, etc.

Why People Enter the Affiliate Marketing Industry

When James and Arlene entered the business, they had four children between the ages of 5 and 12. One of their sons was very ill at the time (and thankfully is in good health now). James' goal was to earn $100 per day to have money to pay for the things his family needed.

Today James and Arlene have come a long way. They not only achieved James' original goal, but also saw some of their dreams come to reality. During the podcast they discuss the importance of visualizations for success, not only in business but in all areas of your life.

Arlene offers that if you're looking for some help in this area, to check out the Hay House World Summit, an online journey to self-discovery, health and success.

If you're in need of help, then head over to The School of Internet Marketing where you can find help with a wide range of topics like these:

  • Affiliate Marketer's Bootcamp is a must for getting started, or re-started with your business.
  • Daily Traffic Blueprint can help you learn how to drive more traffic to your site.
  • Outsourcing Essentials explains how to build a team of freelance contractors via a site like Elance.
  • Email Marketing 101
  • and more!

Links to the courses can be found in the list of resources below.

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Hay House World Summit 2015 - https://www.hayhouseworldsummit.com/
The School of Internet Marketing - http://www.theschoolofinternetmarketing.com/
Affiliate Marketer's Bootcamp - http://www.theschoolofinternetmarketing.com/lp/affiliate-marketing/
Daily Traffic Blueprint - http://www.theschoolofinternetmarketing.com/lp/daily-traffic-blueprint/
Outsourcing Essentials - http://www.theschoolofinternetmarketing.com/lp/outsourcingessentials/
Email Marketing 101 - http://www.theschoolofinternetmarketing.com/lp/email-marketing-101/
Elance - https://www.elance.com/


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