AB #474 | Strategic Positioning for Performance Marketing with David Dalka, Founder of Fearless Revival – Part 2

In the episode of the Affiliate Buzz, James Martell talks  David Dalka, Founder and Managing Director of Fearless Revival about Strategic Positioning for Performance Marketing.

He is also the CEO, Business Advisory Services. He advises Chief Executive Officers, global leaders, and their teams to rethink perspectives and reshape priorities about business, technology and trends in society. David translates symptoms, buzzwords, and information overload into actionable root causes.

David completed a MBA at The University of Chicago. His background is in financial services and he worked for what is now the world's largest investment manager Blackrock. He learned a lot about how to change business models and workforces, and leverage IT. He got involved in the digital marketing world mostly in the search side. He became fascinated with how people didn't adapt to new forms of digital marketing, how companies are just resistant to new ways of looking at those things and implementing them and he saw these patterns over and over again. He also saw how some businesses adapted easily and some didn't.

How CPM Advertising is Adversely Affecting Our Society

The success metrics most of these medium-sized lifestyle businesses use to judge the success of their website is, how many clicks did a piece of information get. So a local investigative reporting about something that's not quite right with your local government isn't getting much attention, therefore there's less of an incentive for that local newspaper to put as much resources into that as they must. But there are more cat videos on the web, and other celebrity news. And people are looking to Twitter for the hottest story and the trending thing and there's like ninety thousand more stories about a particular  item.

So what eventually happens is there's more and more stuff where it gets over covered and then there's more and more stuff that's important that doesn't get any coverage at all. Niche quality content is becoming rarer and more difficult to find.Strategic positioning for performance marketing.

A lot of people just start and they chase the things that everybody says they should do and they usually chase it from the brand marketing paradigm. They hardly make sure that they're attracting the right traffic to their website in the first place. And, you meet people that are still out there doing the same 10 things for every website. Some decide to do something as they gravitate to some buzzword.

But, according to David, it all starts with who's your customer, what are you doing for your customer, why are you doing that and then, asking the question, do I have the right order chart and the right resource in doing the right things to achieve that. When you clearly define their strategic positioning, you can determine what type of advertising you want to do.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • How David got involved in the digital and performance marketing community
  • How CPM advertising is adversely effecting our society
  • Problems businesses run into when they haven't defined their strategic positioning
  • How businesses are not ready to change though the world around is changing
  • How businesses are measuring wrong metrics, leading to bad conversion rates
  • About a need for a customer focused business strategy
  • How the execution of business strategies makes a company grow, rather than the money

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