AB #461 | Strategic Positioning for Performance Marketing with David Dalka, Founder of Fearless Revival – Part 1

Welcome to another edition of the Affiliate Buzz, where affiliate marketers have been coming to be inspired, informed and motivated to succeed since way back in 2003. Last week, James interviewed Ryan Stewman, the Hardcore Closer about how to become a highly effective salesperson. This week, James welcomes David Dalka, founder of Fearless Revival.

David and James discuss why businesses undervalue their marketing teams, and how misunderstanding strategic value of performance marketing can hurt both marketers and the businesses themselves. They examine the industry issues that make businesses inclined to stick to the status quo, and they also look at ideas for how to increase visibility of performance marketing processes outside of the affiliate marketing community.

Starting the Fearless Revival

Fearless Revival was born from noticing a trend among performance marketers. He realized that many companies didn’t understand strategic positioning of performance marketing practices, which not only undervalued their marketing teams, but also forced them into making emotional decisions rather than decisions based on good business reasoning.

David explains to James the one shocking event that spurred him into creating Fearless Revival, which aims to advise senior executives on the value that performance marketing can add to their businesses, and help them change their processes for the better.

Increasing the Value of Performance Marketing

Performance marketing is generally an undervalued field, because it’s difficult to value potential future business. James tells the story of a past business venture where the client ended up securing new business worth over a $1m, but James’s fee didn’t reflect that level of return. David and James discuss the factors that lead both marketers and businesses to undervalue their potential returns.

David also explains to James that there’s a training problem in both marketing and marketing management. Often, marketers are trained in technology and not business, or vice versa. Additionally, executives have usually been trained in business but not in how to judge and acquire services. These factors result in something like 80-90% of companies not having the right set of professional e-services advisors. David and James discuss why that’s a problem, and some ideas on how to fix it.

Here’s What You’ll Hear

  • Why companies are unable to keep up with changing marketing strategies
  • The importance of looking at risk differently
  • How a misunderstanding of strategic value leads to emotional decision-making
  • The direct correlation between understanding of strategic value, and how much a company will pay for performance marketing
  • Why it’s important to understand both new technology and old business
  • When’s the best opportunity to implement change in an existing marketing department?
  • Why up to 90% of companies don’t have the right set of professional e-services advisers




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