AB #337 | Why Building an Audience Needs to Be at the Top of Your List

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, James Martell is joined by his wife Arlene Martell, to discuss strategies for list building and growing your audience. Before they start however, James asks his wife where she snuck off to early in the morning. Arlene replies she was taking the time to see their grandchild for a ‘baby snuggle morning’, something she is able to do because of the flexibility of her work, which is aided by having a large list.

List building doesn’t have the attention it deserves, according to James, who also mentions alternative names of developing or growing an audience.

Constant Watch on Subscriber Numbers

There are many advantages to having a large list but as James states it isn’t going to be instantly created; it can take time and hard work to get traction. List building is critical to the online success of your business and that is one of the reasons why James will constantly look at his subscriber numbers.

During the podcast, James gives plenty of supportive advice on how you can build your list, including:

  • The first thing you should do to build a list.
  • Using the list to stay in touch with your contacts.
  • The main marketing benefits of having a list.
  • Satisfy the needs of your clients with a marketing list.

James also shares how his email marketing list helped transform his business. He sent an invitation to his list to complete a simple form on askdatabase.com and from those responses he was able to determine what his clients’ biggest challenges were. It also gave him great sales content for future contacts.

Automating the Email Marketing

James has many discussions with clients and others and often finds out that they don’t have an email auto-responder sequence. An email auto-responder sequence is very important and James shares that his longest runs for four years.

The importance of an email marketing list and an auto-responder series reminds James of an interview he had with former CEO and iContact founder Ryan Allis. In the interview Ryan stated you will never again see 70% of the visitors to your website unless you sign them up to subscribe to something.

The Three Strategies To Growing An Audience

James continues the podcast to talk about three methods for growing an audience and list building. He also explains that he has used a number of different platforms and tools, and also shares which one he likes best because of it's beautiful interface and easy to use template, amongst other powerful features.

During the end of the podcast James discusses:

  • Do you need to be an expert on all the list building strategies?
  • How can you start your own list building?
  • Examples of successful list builders.

With this information, and a killer opt-in as discussed previously by James, you can really start to develop a marketing list to grow your audience and achieve online success.


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