Affiliate Buzz #232 – Aloha from Maui – Taking a Break-ation from Business

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz audio newsletter James Martell, successful publisher, speaker and author talks with his wife and co-host Arlene Martell from a beautiful resort in Maui.

Timed perfectly to get away from the cold winter snow James and Arlene pack up for a last minute break-ation on the warm tropical beaches in Maui. Lounging next to a Koi Pond James and Arlene record this week's edition of the Affiliate Buzz and take a stroll down memory lane as they reminisce back to the very first Buzz that was recorded in Maui 9 years ago this December.

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Nine years ago to the month James and Arlene took their first break-ation in 15 years. They left the kids behind and kicked back for a relaxing week at the Lahaina Shores Resort. From helicopter tours to swimming with turtles Maui was more than they had ever imagined.

The Freedom to Travel the Globe

Fast forward to today and James and Arlene share how their success with affiliate marketing has allowed them the freedom to travel and enjoy break-ations just like this one. In fact they stress the importance of setting aside time to do just that as you work towards your own online success.

But James and Arlene are not the only "world travelers" after finding success with affiliate marketing. You'll hear tales of how Johnathan and Carrie took their laptops on the road and travelled the globe while they continued running their business and earning revenue.

Several other students have taken the break-ation advice and have packed up their families and hit the road to enjoy the scenery of new surroundings.

Listen to this edition of the Affiliate Buzz as James and Arlene talk about:

  • Break-ations and you
  • Taking your business on the road
  • The freedom of affiliate marketing

Whether you are just getting started or been online for a while taking your business on the road can be a dream come true. Listen in as James and Arlene share tips on becoming a world traveler or simply a frequent visitor to Maui!

And if you are...

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  1. Caleb says:

    Not quite at the point where I can take a break-ation, but know that the time is coming soon as I have found one particular affiliate program that has over 20 squeeze pages with 20 followup email message series along with the free download gifts all built into one system that pays daily affiliate commissions. And the best part is I don't need any webhosting for it..

    It is only when you find streamlined systems like these can you start getting passive income which in turn is the only way you'll be able to find the time for break-ations..

    This showed me you're right about ppl giving up too soon because if I would have went through with quitting then I would've come across the system I just mentioned...there's just too many resources for someone to NOT succeed in affiliate marketing if they just look at so called failures as merely feedback on what they need to tweak in order to be successful 😉

    Keep having fun in Maui, I'll make it there soon enough!

  2. Ed Keay-Smith says:

    Hi James & Arlene,

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

    It's hard to believe that it was 3 years now that we were visiting with you guys in beautiful White Rock.

    We had a great time and think about it and you guys a lot.

    Thanks for always being an inspiration to us.

    Hope you had a great Break-ation in Maui 🙂

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and may 2012 be a great one for you all.

    Love & light.

    Ed, Lois & Sasha Keay-Smith


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