Affiliate Buzz #151 – Dan Maynard Shares the Secrets to Turning Your Passions Into Profits with Affiliate Programs

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz podcast, James Martell talks with SUPER BootCamp member Dan Maynard and discusses the appeal of affiliate marketing including the passion behind your website, selecting the right content management system, tips for top rankings, and 3 tips for the beginner.

Dan discovered affiliate marketing in 2006 when seeking ways to generate supplemental income online. He began by selling computers on Ebay. In his efforts at Ebay he happened upon the option to work as an affiliate and was eager to learn more about this potential income stream. Affiliate marketing soon became very attractive to him as he realized he could have complete control over his business among many other appeals.

After finding James' Affiliate Marketers Handbook he began to study more on affiliate marketing. One thing that was clear to Dan right away was the importance of picking a topic he would love. For Dan, piano has been a passion for a large part of his life. It took little thought for him to know that would be the passion behind his piano keyboard reviews website. The real work came in organizing how he was going to make it work in regards to content and getting people to his site.

When deciding on the content management system for organizing content Dan has found himself back and forth between content management systems more than once. He shares some of his challenges with different content management systems such as Drupal and WordPress and how he managed to settle on the perfect one for his business.

Dan shares some of the secrets, or tricks he credits for getting top rankings in the natural search results. He goes through the different factors and how they work together from page to page on his site. Currently his site is ranking very nicely for over 200 different prime keywords.

Then he answers the big question, what is the biggest challenge you have ever had and shares exactly what his challenges were. There were trials and doubts that he faced every single day. He tells what he used as motivation during those times and what turned things around for him.

James asks Dan other common questions he and Arlene receive in the help desk including; is it really possible to rank in the top 10, looking back is there anything you would do differently, is it better to build a site you are passionate about or one you are interested in, and finally what are three tips for someone who is just getting started ? Listen in to hear Dan's answers and key wisdom to apply in your own business online.

Listen to this edition of the Affiliate Buzz as James and Dan talk about:

  • The appeal of Affiliate Marketing
  • The passion behind your website
  • Selecting the right content management system
  • Tips to top rankings in Google
  • 3 tips to get you started

And if you are...

Ready To Get Serious About Affiliate Marketing?

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