AB #376 | The School of Internet Marketing + Webinar and an Exciting NEW Course!

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host and Instructor of the Affiliate Marketers BootCamp, James Martell, is joined by co-host Arlene to discuss The School of Internet Marketing, a webinar, and an exciting new course.

James kicks off the episode with a recap of what's been going on in the past weeks, including an update about Arlene's surgery, a visit to an acupuncturist, and more. As James points out, a flexible schedule is another great example of the benefits of having a career in affiliate marketing.

James then digs into the meat of this episode - The School of Internet Marketing. He and Arlene recap the humble beginnings of this online facility, and then go through the evolution of the school starting with the Affiliate Marketers' Handbook.

From Handbook to Premiere Online Educational Courses

James asks Arlene to take listeners back a decade to the first boot camp they hosted in Vancouver. People flew in from all over the world, giving James and Arlene an opportunity to connect with them in person over a period of a few days.

After the training was done, Arlene explains, she and James took the students on a tour of Vancouver. Although they had to give a lot of information in a short period of time, the sold-out event was such a great success that they held it again the next year.

Then in 2007 James was introduced to online conferencing as a way to do online training. In that same year, he and Arlene kicked off the Affiliate Marketers' Boot Camp: the Online Edition. Arlene explains the benefits of live sessions and agrees with James that it was a lot of fun. Some of those benefits included:

  • Nobody had to pay the fare to fly from their home to Vancouver.
  • Online sessions meant spreading information out over weeks, as opposed to cramming it into a few short days.
  • The online Boot Camp allowed students to build an affiliate site over the course of the sessions.

While teaching the courses, James and Arlene needed a place where students could meet up online. They registered a website, put together a membership site for everyone to log in, and set it up so students would have access to audio, video, and printed transcripts for the various classes.

James and Arlene quickly recognized that despite being extremely fluent in their own areas of expertise, they could not teach everything there was to know about these new mediums such as YouTube, Twitter, and other social media networks. And thus The School of Internet Marketing was born.

New Courses at The School of Internet Marketing

Next James and Arlene talk about what you'll find at The School of Internet Marketing, starting with logging in and landing on the control panel. Arlene paints a picture of what to expect during a live walk-through as she logs into the site and peruses the various areas.

One feature offered is the Live Q&A, which allows people to meet with James and Arlene in the online conference room and ask questions on any topic, at any point that they are in their business. Newbies and accomplished students alike have equal opportunities to get answers to their questions in a real-time event.

Designed for small businesses looking to build up their online marketing, the podcasts are another popular feature. The Affiliate Buzz podcasts focus on the affiliate side of things, while The School of Internet Marketing sister-podcasts talk about things like local search, WordPress, how to hire a writer, and more.

The next features discussed are a calendar where students can get information about upcoming events, a digital Rolodex, and a chat forum. James weighs the pro's and con's of having a chat forum versus a Facebook group, and reveals what to expect with the chat forum in the future.

Next James and Arlene discuss another series of podcasts called Coffee Talk, where they interview industry experts within the internet and affiliate marketing industries. There are currently 90 episodes, and they look forward to introducing many more.

Next they discuss the Coaching Club, which is recordings of the Live Q&A's. With students logging in from around the world, not all of them are available to listen in live, and the Coaching Club gives them an opportunity to catch up when it is convenient according to their schedules.

James points out that this is a really robust online facility. When it comes to online courses, the variety includes topics like Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Video Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and Outsourcing Essentials, which James says is the most important course he feels anyone could take.

Next James and Arlene talk about the new courses available at The School of Internet Marketing - Podcasting. They discuss the road blocks that prevent some people from podcasting, and compare podcasting's coming of age to a well-known search engine.

James then goes on to explain the benefits of listing your podcasts on iTunes. The biggest advantage is that podcasters have less competition with each other to get the attention of the billion or so iTunes users. As Arlene points out, once iTunes listeners subscribe then they get your podcasts automatically as you publish new episodes.

Finally if you're interested in the new podcasting course but not ready to make a commitment, then James invites you to take advantage of a free webinar where you'll hear case studies about people who, like James and Arlene, have done extremely well with podcasting.



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