Affiliate Buzz #304 – Things that Are Working Beyond Your Site

itunesIn this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host James Martell, founder of The Internet School of Marketing welcomes the Chief of Chaos at SmarterChaos (, Matt Frary, back to the show for more discussion about things that are working beyond your website.

James describes Matt as a trendsetter in the affiliate marketing industry, and has been following Matt’s advice and tips for more than a decade. In this episode you can do the same as Matt shares information about things like podcasting, affiliate links, and weaving content through social media.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Tune in to hear why James claims that Matt knows more about performance marketing than anyone else in the industry! And in this episode you will hear Matt’s tips about what is working with specific examples - like an extremely successful YouTube’r!

Whether things are really taking off for you, your affiliate marketing program is struggling, or you are brand new to the industry, you will not want to miss what Matt lists as the advantages and benefits of affiliate marketing regarding topics such as:

  • Brands
  • Multimedia
  • Making a Profit

Using YouTube to Boost Your Bottom Line

Listen to Matt explain why affiliates are brand ambassadors who sell products, and his tips for thinking outside the box to sell more of those products. One example he gives is a YouTube user with more than 40,000 followers.

James and Matt discuss the user’s setup, video recording device, length of video, webcast content, product reviews, and level of enthusiasm. Be sure to take notes because there is no reason you cannot use the same tips to boost the popularity your own YouTube videos!

Start Applying These Tips to Your Site Now

Tune in to hear James and Matt discuss using a number of ideas, and as James points out you don’t need to truly master anything in affiliate marketing. Matt agrees and shares that there are so many channels to use that you can quickly become fairly competent just by getting started. His tips include things like:

  • The success of an organic video versus a professional-looking one
  • How to use Spreaker to reach out through a variety of social media sources
  • Why multimedia can boost your rank in Google’s natural search listings

When it comes to things that are working beyond your website, the list is growing by leaps and bounds. Be sure to listen later in the episode as James and Matt discuss how using these sources can build your audience and help you make new affiliate marketing connections.

Tune in now to the entire episode to learn all the benefits of using things that work beyond your website. They are sure to work for you, as they are already working for other affiliates which James and Matt share during the show. The sooner you listen to this episode, the sooner you can start applying the tips to your own website!


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