AB #398 | Tips for Turning your Passion into Recurring Income with your First Membership Site (Pt 1)

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host and Instructor of the Affiliate Marketers BootCamp, James Martell and wife Arlene offer valuable tips for turning your passion into recurring income with membership sites while reminiscing about their first membership site.

A Review of Successful Membership Sites

James and Arlene start off by discussing their successful membership sites. The Affiliate Buzz started out as a membership site in 2003. It charged a small fee, which along with podcasting was a pretty groundbreaking idea at the time.

When the Buzz began broadcasting on WebmasterRadio.FM, James says giving up the recurring revenue was a little scary, but the new strategies he and Arlene pursued worked out much better.

In 2009 James and Arlene kicked off The School of Internet Marketing. James has always had a passion for teaching and training, and this membership site offers him the chance to do that. The site has since evolved to offer courses in:

  • affiliate marketing
  • podcasting
  • email marketing

And anything else affiliate marketers and other business owners might need to know about marketing online. The recurring income that adds up from these sites can add up to substantial profit - as much as six figures or more.

Running and Building a Successful Membership Site

Next James segues into discussing a membership site that belongs to Raj, one of their students. Arlene says the more she talks to Raj, the more impressed she is by his passion for helping people.

Raj's goal is to help people improve the quality of their health with alternatives to traditional medicine. Arlene observes that his site accomplishes this through educating visitors without the fluff used on other sites.

Then James turns to the framework of Raj's site. He points out that although its the same basic format of The School for Internet Marketing, the tools and technology have come so far in just a few years.

Materials for a Successful Membership Site

The key to a successful membership site is coming up with a course. During the podcast James outlines what you'd need to maintain a site that would pull in around $2000 in revenue per month, including:

  • a basic website
  • WordPress
  • a plugin called S2 Membership
  • a plugin called WP Courseware
  • someone from Upwork to do the tech work

James adds the key to making your site a success is having a passion for something, and makes his point by asking Arlene to talk about their new baby grandson and her recent visit with him, their daughter, and son-in-law on Vancouver Island. You can indeed hear the difference in her tone as she talks about the experience.

When creating a course, James recommends using eight parts, or steps. He thinks of them like chapters and uses them to create an outline. Arlene adds that James normally has a video training. He then attaches the audio training so they can listen as an MP3. Then he adds a transcript, booklet, or other document that goes with it.

Expanding on the Table of Contents

Next James and Arlene outline their process for creating and filling out the table of contents, which include a headline for each step and the sub-headlines of topics covered within that step. He builds he presentation in PowerPoint and turns the lessons into videos with Screencast-O-Matic.

Arlene points out that it's very easy to find someone to transcribe your videos on Upwork. She pays her current freelancer $13 per 30-minute episode and is very happy with the work that comes back. The end result is a workbook that goes along with the video.

James then goes on to explain how you can use the episodes to build membership for your site. Come back next week for more information on this topic.

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WordPress - https://wordpress.com/
S2 Member - http://s2member.com/
WP CourseWare - http://demo.wpcourseware.com/
Upwork - http://www.upwork.com
Screencast-O-Matic - http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/


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