Affiliate Buzz #320 – 10 *Must* Have Tools Affiliates Can Use to Increase Productivity and Profits

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, hosts James and Arlene Martell talk about 10 *must* have tools affiliate marketers can use to increase productivity and profits. While sharing the list of tools that they use, they also offer some pro’s and con’s for each.

The episode kicks off with the hosts sharing what’s in store for them during the rest of 2013, including a new family member they look forward to meeting soon! The discussion then segues into the meat of the episode, which is tools listeners must have as they transition into 2014.

Must-Haves for Every Affiliate Toolbox

As Arlene names off each tool on the list, James gives a brief explanation. Most of these tools are things he uses himself, and in at least one case he gives a live walkthrough of how the tool works during the episode.

While some of the tools are paid, meaning it costs something to use them whether it is a monthly subscription or a one-time fee, many of the tools are completely free. Some of the tasks these tools handle include:

  • audio editing for media files such as content on websites
  • a tool to help keep track of traffic and rankings for websites
  • screen capture tool to create tutorials for websites or YouTube
  • image editing software that allows graphic editing of screenshots

Another thing James points out about each tool is the ease of use. Some of the tools are very easy to use right out of the box, figuratively speaking. But as he explains, others have a rather steep learning curve and require a bit of time to master the basics.

Tools That Make Your Life Easier

Because James and Arlene use a good portion of these tools to increase productivity on a daily basis, listeners will hear authentic reviews and inside information that may not be included on the website or packaging for the product. Other tools that James and Arlene discuss include:

  • cloud-based word processing tools for collaborating on a single document
  • customer relationship software that helps with autoresponders, surveys, etc.
  • a tool for developing landing pages for everything from videos to blog articles
  • and more!

A lot of these tools have one common goal - and that is to make life easier for the person using them. From converting DOC files to PDFs to finding keywords, there is a tool for every listener in this information-packed episode.

And again, as James and Arlene point out, many of these tools are free or very low cost, which means there is very little financial risk involved in using them. Tune in now to listen to the entire 30 minute episode where you will hear both the names of these programs and where you can find them on the web.

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