AB #390 | A Wedding, Hospital and the Tools to Boost Productivity

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host and Instructor of the Affiliate Marketers BootCamp, James Martell explains how Arlene's back problems took a downward spin, forcing her to spend the past twelve days in the hospital.

James kicks off the episode by pointing out that working for yourself is a real benefit when life has to come first and you need to put the brakes on your business, even temporarily. He goes on to explain an update about Arlene's health and why she'll need a second surgery to repair a disc in her back.

James and Arlene also celebrated their daughter Victoria's wedding during this time. Although Arlene was not able to leave the hospital to attend the wedding, their son Justin came to the rescue. He streamed a live feed of the ceremony to Arlene's room where she and a few visiting friends at her side were able to virtually attend.

Then James acknowledges that although a lot of us take technology for granted, it really comes in handy during times like this.

Tools to Boost Productivity on Your Site

After a short break, James applauds other family members who have stepped up and helped, including their daughter Shelby and son Adam. He says he now sees how much work Arlene does around the house and their business, and he appreciates her more than ever.

Next James turns to the topic of productivity and getting stuff done. He wears many hats with his business, including The School of Internet Marketing. He walks listeners through two tools to help them be more productive on their own sites. The tools are:

WP COURSEWARE - $99 for two-site license for another membership site he's building. You can embed audio and video into your course, automatically send students a message after each course, set up quizzes and surveys, and send a certificate of completion to students who finish the whole course.

S2MEMBER - This membership plugin for WordPress offers both free and pro versions. You can set up a membership management platform, a custom welcome or login page, membership options page, registration page, accept "Buy Now" through PayPal, and more. Because it only allows members into your site, then only members have access to your content, which you can encrypt for an added layer of protection.

James reveals that he has found quite a few people through Elance who are familiar with these technologies. He reminds that as long as you write out directions in layman's terms, then the freelancer you hire should be able to complete the tasks you assign to them.

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The School of Internet Marketing - http://www.theschoolofinternetmarketing.com/
WP Courseware - http://demo.wpcourseware.com/
S2Member - http://s2member.com/


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