AB #439 | What Everybody Ought to Know About Top Membership Sites, and Earning Recurring Income

Welcome to another edition of The Affiliate Buzz, where affiliate marketers have been coming to be inspired, informed and motivated to succeed since way back in 2003. Do you want to have your affiliate site produce predictable, recurring income? James and Arlene have just finished setting up two new membership sites. In this episode, they’ll share what they’ve learned about turning your passion -that is your area of subject matter expertise - into a membership site with recurring income.

What’s in a Membership Site?

Membership sites offer their members access to things the general public doesn’t have. You can provide value to your members by providing things like:

  • Courses
  • Video tutorials
  • Workbooks
  • Manuals
  • Podcasts

Of course, you’ll also want to create opt-ins, lead magnets and a sales letter. That sounds like a lot of work, and it is. James and Arlene will tell you how to do it.

Is There a Course in You?

Yes! Arlene will tell you that there’s a course in everyone, they just need to act on it. So how does one go about creating a course? Arlene will describe how she worked with one of their clients to develop a comprehensive course, complete with multiple lessons, workbooks and video tutorials.

She didn’t do it alone. It was a collaboration between herself, the client (Dr. Raj Banerjee) and a writer hired from Upwork. Arlene will describe their process - how she downloaded information from the Dr. Banerjee’s brain, made it into an outline, had the outline written up into a lesson and the lesson into a video script. It’s a theme we’ve heard before from James and Arlene. Create high quality content into multiple formats so that you have more to offer your customers and customers can consume the content in whatever format they prefer.

Here’s What You’ll Hear

Listen now to hear James and Arlene share tips about creating a membership site with recurring revenue including:

  • Types of content you can create for your members
  • How to develop a course and course materials
  • How much time you should expect to invest in creating a course
  • What features you need from membership site software
  • The best WordPress plug-in for membership sites


James will also tell you about Digital Access Pass (DAP), his favorite software for creating and managing membership sites. Listen to episode 29 of Podcasting Mastery to meet its developer (the coolest geek on the planet), check out the tool and hire someone from Upwork to set it up for you.

Dr. Banerjee’s website - https://www.gobeyondfatloss.com
Podcasting Mastery Episode 29 - http://podcastingmastery.com/membership-sites-for-podcasters-with-ravi-jayagopal/
Digital Access Pass - http://digitalaccesspass.com
Upwork – http://upwork.com


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