Affiliate Buzz #184 – An Update From Paula And Wanda On How They’re Doing This Christmas Shopping Season — Record Setting Commissions For Them!

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz audio newsletter James Martell, successful publisher, speaker and author talks with Paula Carnogoy and Wanda Sowden about the affiliate marketing success of earning big commissions this holiday shopping season.

James kicks off this session by asking Paula and Wanda to share how they got started in affiliate marketing. They share their beginnings as well as what motivated them to take this business serious, lessons they learned and what it took to start making real money.

To get serious with affiliate marketing and start bringing in a substantial income requires discipline and commitment. You'll hear Paula and Wanda's strategy for getting focused and staying focused until the money starts coming in. They share a step-by-step approach from putting up your review, promotion and the next steps beyond making profit.

To finish off this edition of the Buzz you'll here exactly what it takes to get the information together to craft a high quality powerful product review that sells. You'll hear tips on choosing products to promote and writing honestly.

If you want a complete, detailed walk through of earning big bucks from Amazon Paula and Wanda are pleased to offer their eBook, complete with everything you need to know to succeed. Listen in to learn how to get your copy today.

Listen to this edition of the Affiliate Buzz as James talks with Phil Watkins about:

  • Paula Carnogoy and Wanda Sowden's beginnings with affiliate marketing
  • Developing high quality product reviews
  • Strategies for earning the big bucks
  • eBook for earning big bucks from Amazon

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  1. Marg says:

    They are not making $19,000 in November as I phoned into Amazon and asked them had they any affiliates worldwide that was earning that and they said NO, they said that its very common for them to talk among themselves about high earners but they said all the high earners dont even come close to $19,000 in one month. They said you have to have extremely high traffic sites to even come close to a $5000 month.

    Which makes sense as DO the math! They pay extroadinary low commission percentages even at 8% this has been discussed on the warriorforum quite openly that to have earned $19,000 in one month even at 8% you would have to have sold at least 2500 products at minimum 1200 products.

    Now take that they only have 20 sites and December 2008 they were only making an apparent $500. And there sites are only meant to be a few pages.. Come on.. who are they kidding! Only people who are gullible and get sucked into that.

    Well karma has a way of biting people in the ass when they are dishonest.

    The simple case is Earnings are fudged all the time online by people wanting to sell the latest product ( i.e there ebook ).

    Its sad that such dishonesty is rampant all to sell an 97 dollar ebook.

    This is B.S and the sooner James you realize it and realize they are riding your coat tails to get traffic to their site to sell their ebook, the quicker you will get their details off your site.

    • Gabe says:

      I 100% believe them. Why? Because in November I made $930 and in December I made $1132 just off of amazon with a couple sites that sold very low priced items (.50-$25) and I sold 1379 items in total. I got these sites to rank in my very little part time (0-2 hrs per day) and I can easily see if I had higher priced products and more pages, sites and or a higher search volume site I could be making a lot more. I believe this so much that I'm quitting my full time job in Feb and I'm going to be building amazon and adsense sites full time.

      Plus, there are very few people at amazon that would know how much they're truly paying to top affiliates and why the hell would they tell you if they did know?

      • James Martell says:

        Hey Gabe,

        Thanks for sharing your numbers. It's great to hear about your success. I was just looking at some stats on Wikipedia. It says that Amazon has "over 900,000 members". They are referring to their affiliates.

        I wouldn't be surprised at all if Amazon has a number of affiliates earning over a $1,000,000 a month. I know I sat through enough awards dinners at CJU when they were still a merchant there to know they do Billions in sales and their affiliate channel is absolutely massive.


  2. James Martell says:

    Hi Marg, I am sorry to hear your skepticism about Amazon and Paula and Wanda.

    I of course know them both personally. I am very happy for them and the success they have attained. I also know them to be both very honest and credible and know that they would never fudge their numbers to sell their ebook.

    I also have a copy and it is an excellent ebook. It should be required reading for all new affiliates. Period. I personally feel it is a real gift to the affiliate marketing industry. I have also seen what others have had to say about their ebook as well. here's just one of many "Just a word of thanks. I bought Amazonian Profit Plan in August. It is one of the best investments I have made in internet marketing. I have wasted lots of money on other programs that just didn’t deliver as promised."

    You mention as well that Amazon " extraordinary low commission percentages even at 8%". The one thing to keep in mind that it is not only about commission rate, but more importantly it is about their conversion rate ...and Amazon converts extremely well.

    Your estimates of 1200-2500 products might be accurate, but it really boils down to the average cost of the products being sold (I.e. $40 vs. $400 would make a big difference). On their site they actually publish their numbers from a recent 8 month period where they sold 11926 products.

    They also mentioned in my previous interview with them a couple of weeks ago that they plan update the numbers probably in January.

    As for "as I phoned into Amazon and asked them had they any affiliates worldwide that was earning that and they said NO". It seems to me that you really don't believe that people are making any real money with Amazon.

    All you need to do is visit the official Amazon Associates forum to see all kinds of people making great money with Amazon.


  3. Dan Maynard says:

    Hi Marg,

    While I have never met Paula and Wanda, I have communicated with them online and have grown together in our affiliate marketing over the past 4 years. We have shared many trials and successes together and I can personally attest to their integrity and their willingness to help others succeed. Their e-book in fact is a testament to the value they offer by the very nature of the information they provide which I believe is a reflection of the writers themselves.

    I have been doing affiliate marketing for 4 years and have done SEO for 10 years and I am also a professional marketer working full time in international business and I can tell when something would be awry but cannot in this case.

    Personally, as you may know, I have changed merchants and am currently with Amazon as well.

    I would like to share some numbers with you. I have 1,000 keyword phrases at the top 2 pages of google and that translates into $3,345 in commissions as of December 23, 2010. I expect to reach $4,000 in commission by end of month. If I compare that to Paula and Wanda, who have some 14,000 keywords then it is not hard to fathom that they are earning in the 20K range.

    If you had visited the bootcamp forum you would know that I have provided a jpg photo of my earnings from Amazon. With $4,000 in earnings would put me in some of the top earners at Amazon according to your comments above yet I would doubt that given the amount of traffic that I generate I am definitely not in the top tier of traffic producing affiliates.

    I am sure there are affiliates who generate more clicks to Amazon and who generate significantly more traffic and earnings. If I can earn $4,000 in a month as a PART TIME affiliate, then I have no trouble in extrapolating and concluding that full time affiliates can earn 4 to 5 times that amount.



  4. Richard Wellner says:

    I too agree with Marg.

    There is no way in hell they make that. And James come on... posting an affiliate link in your response back to Marg lol Still out to make a buck because affiliate marketing isn't working.

    Dan 4000 might be realistic but not 19000 these 2 ladies are known to only have actually a few Amazon sites. Yes a number of warriors have looked into it and people already have been alerted to their outrageous claims which only exist to sell an ebook and build up a following to their blog.

    • James Martell says:

      Hi Richard, not much more that I can say. I stand behind these ladies and what they have had to say.

      I have a question for you.

      Are you saying the numbers they have posted on their site (affiliate link) are fraudulent?


    • Gabe says:

      Do the simple math for yourself.

      Items shipped = 2471
      commission @ 8% = $19023

      This means they sold $240,000 worth of products to get $19023 in commissions.

      Average selling price per item is = $97
      What is $97 x 2471 item shipped? About $240,000
      What is 8% of $240,000??? About $19.000

      What is so hard to believe about that?

      • James Martell says:

        I agree, and the numbers make complete sense.

        I see that Paula ad Wanda have updated their stats on their site (affiliate link) and they include their total items shipped and their revenues.

        Also be sure to check out my recent interview with Dan Maynard who also shared his Amazon story. He also shared his numbers.

        In the interview, Dan talked about the reasons he swapped out his existing merchant with Amazon. It's a very worthwhile listen.


      • Leo says:

        Why is this so hard to believe? I myself made over $11K in November and over $25K in December. I sold well over 10,000 items. And I am just a very small affiliate. I personally know someone making high 5-figure a month with Amazon. The world would open up to you if you can just keep an open mind...

        • James Martell says:

          Hi Leo, congrats and thanks for sharing your numbers. I am puzzled as well as to why the find it so hard to believe. I know all kinds of people earning great money. I think reminding them to keep an open mind is a good suggestion. Thanks for stopping by!

          ~ James

  5. Danny Miller says:

    Hi James,

    When I saw Marg's post, I just had to comment.

    I agree with your and Dan's points, but also I think we should consider this as well.

    Although Paula and Wanda stated that their income was $20,000 or so for the month, that was only their Amazon account.

    I believe they sell via other Networks as well, although the bulk of their sales now come from Amazon. I say this because in the interview I'm sure I heard one of them mention CJ. (Commission Junction)

    Don't know them personally, but I absolutely believe Paula and Wanda are extremely credible, and don't believe they would fudge their numbers either.

    Just my thoughts, but I believe in both of them.


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