AB #450 | Agencies, Marketers & Creatives: How We Earned $1,200 Commission on Just One Sale with the VistaPrint Reseller Program

Welcome to another edition of the Affiliate Buzz, where affiliate marketers have been coming to be inspired, informed and motivated to succeed since way back in 2003. Last week, we showcased two essential tools for managing multiple WordPress sites. This week, James and Arlene are discussing how a unique business model helped them earn $1,200 commission on just one sale with VistaPrint Reseller program.

No matter what kind of printing you’re after, you’ll be able to benefit from one or more of VistaPrint’s services. They offer a variety of solutions for everything from business cards to apparel. But did you also know about their Affiliate and Reseller programs? You could use VistaPrint to help supplement your income, or even start up a new business! Today, James and Arlene outline what makes VistaPrint outstanding in the marketplace, and what you can do to start earning money with one of their partnership programs.

VistaPrint’s Services are Second to None

James and Arlene use VistaPrint for many of their printing needs. The quality of all their products is amazing and fast, and they’ve even saved money on graphic design by taking advantage of VistaPrint’s design service.

But it’s customer service where VistaPrint really stands out. Their attention to detail means that, as in James and Arlene’s case, if you’ve used the (inexpensive) design service but not yet placed an order, they’ll follow up. And if you’re not completely satisfied with your products, they’ll refund you then and there, with no hassle. James and Arlene discuss two clients with very different needs, and how VistaPrint’s customer service went above and beyond to deliver just what they wanted.

Revenue Opportunities as an Affiliate or Reseller

VistaPrint’s Affiliate program is generous: at up to 16% commission rate and an average conversion rate of 15%, it’s easy to make the decision to join. You’ll want to stay, in part, because of their outstanding in-house affiliate team, who are there to help make your affiliate experience smooth and rewarding.

It’s the VistaPrint Reseller Program, however, where there is real potential for income, particularly for local services. VistaPrint Resellers get up to a 40% discount off the regular shopping cart price. James and Arlene describe how they leveraged the Reseller program to turn one client’s $3,000 print job into a $1,200 profit for them. They also suggest ways that you could use the VistaPrint Reseller Program to generate income from your local businesses.

Here’s What You’ll Hear

  • What makes VistaPrint’s customer service stand out
  • How you can save money on graphic design using VistaPrint
  • How VistaPrint can provide a total print solution for your clients
  • Why you don’t need to worry about quality when you use VistaPrint
  • Why the VistaPrint Affiliate program is one of the best around
  • How James and Arlene used the VistaPrint Reseller Program to earn $1,200 on one commission
  • Ideas for how you can use VistaPrint in your local community to generate revenue



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