AB #430 | Tricia Meyer, Affiliate Marketer of the Year Shares What’s Working in Affiliate Marketing Today!

Welcome to another edition of The Affiliate Buzz, where affiliate marketers come to be inspired, informed and motivated to succeed. Arlene is away today watching a bunch of two-year olds (including her granddaughters) play soccer, but James is joined by lawyer, blogger, affiliate marketer and consultant, Tricia Meyer to talk about what’s working in affiliate marketing today.

Tricia is the owner of SunshineRewards.com, HelpingMomsConnect.com and is a partner in the WineClubGroup.com. Tricia has been a finalist for the Pinnacle Award for Industry Advocate and won Affiliate of the Year in 2014 and Best Blogger in 2012. She also serves as the Executive Director for the Performance Marketing Association, frequently speaks and writes about affiliate marketing on topics such as monetizing blogs, affiliate and affiliate manager relationships, and the basics of affiliate marketing.

Tricia wasn’t always the industry legend she is now. She stumbled into affiliate marketing by accident, but immediately recognized it as a place where workaholism could be rewarded. Working for someone else, she always hit a ceiling where she wasn’t going to be paid any more. As an affiliate marketer however, the more she works, the more she earns.

Tricia’s Topic for the Affiliate Summit

In preparing for her presentation for the Affiliate Summit, Tricia realized that her former career as a lawyer actually applies to her work in affiliate marketing. She’ll discuss negotiating tactics – strategies that can be used in life, legal battles and, of course, what’s working in affiliate marketing today.  Commissions can almost always be negotiated. Putting a merchant on your homepage? Featuring them in your newsletter? Tricia will tell you how to determine what merchants are paying other affiliates so you know what to ask for when negotiating with your affiliate manager.

What’s Working in Affiliate Marketing Today?

James and Tricia will talk about what’s working in affiliate marketing today including:

  • Negotiation between affiliates and affiliate managers
  • Diversification – why you can’t rely on Google or Facebook
  • Coupons, cash back and other strategies for combining content with “the deal”
  • Steps you can take to make your site a one stop shop
  • The latest news and resources from the Performance Marketing Association

Tricia will tell us how her business has evolved over the years. Gone are the days of simply throwing a few coupons onto your blog. Tricia will stress the importance of diversifying (both the number of merchants you work with as well as the types of sites you use) and will explain why you can’t rely on one platform, even Google or Facebook.

Tricia’s Advice to New Affiliates

Keep networking. Business is based upon relationships. Not only do you learn from others, but strong relationships are the key to accessing things like higher commissions, exclusive deals, new tools, etc.

What You Can Do for the PMA and What the PMA Can Do for You

Tricia is currently the Executive Director of the Performance Marketing Association (PMA), the industry’s biggest advocacy group. Along with delivering the goods on technical topics like Internet tax reform and FTC disclosures, the PMA has an array of resources for new affiliates including a glossary of terms, a job board and salary study.

You can support these efforts by becoming a member of the PMA and by spreading the word about the work they are doing. For more information, check out http://thepma.org.


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