AB #482 | Why Understanding the Customer Journey is Important for Affiliate Marketers with Todd Crawford of Impact Radius

In the episode of the Affiliate Buzz, James Martell talks to Todd Crawford about why understanding the customer journey is important for Affiliate Marketers. Todd Crawford, co-founder of Impact Radius and Vice President of Strategic Initiatives has been instrumental in building and managing relationships with many of the companies flagship advertisers, agencies and media partners. Todd evangelizes the multi-channel approach to the performance model and is a frequent speaker at key industry events.

A Look Back at The Industry

Todd co-founded Commission Junction in 1998. There was not a lot of cross channel shopping and it was easy to make an affiliate purchase. Now, people have laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets etc and are using different devices. So many more things now need to be taken into account when making and tracking affiliate sales.

Why Understanding the Customer Journey is Important

The customer journey has changed dramatically due to the complexity of all the channels - the customer journey can be very long and have lots of touch points along the way. Todd gives an understanding of how affiliates get paid and how there is paid, earned and owned channels, plus the challenge for the affiliate marketer. Todd explains what the customer journey looks like today when making a purchase, and the networks overall view of the sale.

In This Episode You Learn:

  • How the customer searches for items online and the path that follows
  • The obstacles customers face on the buying journey
  • Two ways to measure the affiliate to credit the sale
  • Understanding how affiliates get paid: do all sales get credited?
  • What data the networks are looking for that are valuable to their brand
  • Why the industry needs to evolve if it is going to grow
  • How affiliates are supporting other channels and each other
  • Why networks need to become analytical and responsive to partners and compensating them correctly
  • A look at the different networks, platforms and tracking
  • What affiliates should look for when selecting a network
  • Why having a relationship with the affiliate manager matters
  • The Impact Radius story in launching their company and their objectives
  • The new products Impact Radius has added and fraud they can detect
  • How Impact Radius can grow your business



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