AB #339 | Jeannine Crooks: Working at Home Offers Time Flexibilty and Cost Savings

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, James Martell is joined by Jeannine Crooks, Senior Account Manager at Affiliate Window, while his wife is away. During the course of this episode, James and Jeannine explore her background from her thirty years of marriage to working from home in the affiliate marketing industry. They then talk about how this could be a good model for you and what skills are required for this lifestyle.

Jeannine began her career in affiliate marketing while she was working as Director for Marketing at a small company which sold motorcycle parts and accessories. While taking the first forays into internet marketing, Jeannine launched the company’s first website. They then realized the potential for further income through affiliate marketing with their motorbike dealers and so she set up the system.

At this time affiliate marketing was brand new and it wouldn't be until 2005 that she realized the vastness of the industry. This eye-opener occurred at an affiliate marketing conference which she attended weeks after joining a new company.

Affiliate Marketing: The Closeness of an Industry

What has struck Jeannine as special about the affiliate industry is that you can make friends and relationships will last a lifetime. Everyone is there to help each other and if she doesn't know the answer she will often be acquainted with someone she can send a client to for advice. The support everyone is willing to give each other is something Jeannine really likes.

Jeannine thinks it is these special relationships which are also important for those who want to join the industry. Simply, if you want to be good in affiliate marketing, you need to listen to those who have been there. There are a number of people willing to teach this important internet marketing skill.

The industry gives many individuals the chance to work from home, something which can support flexible working once they have become established. For example Jeannine has been able organize her work around looking after her ill mother and taking her dog to physiotherapy.

Jeannine has even pointed out the interesting places she has been able to work at which include the Sturgis Motorcyle Rally and on board a cruise ship. With the advent of the web, internet marketing can be conducted almost anywhere.

During the conversations about her past, Jeannine explains:

  • How she got into the affiliate marketing industry.
  • How she landed her current job.
  • What makes her love her current work with Affiliate Window.
  • What she thinks is an important aspect for being a great affiliate marketing manager.

What Essential Skills Do You Need to Work From Home?

Jeannine admits there are certain skills which are essential if you want to work from home. The flexible working arrangements can be too tempting and as Jeannine and James state, it isn't about slacking off at home so having the right mindset is therefore essential.

Jeannine has clients all across the world, including one in Thailand. Her client in Thailand works completely the opposite hours to Jeannine due to time zones – she admits she has had more than one meeting in her pajamas and gone straight to bed afterwards. Yet there are also benefits to this. The flexible working means she has worked while watching hockey or otherwise been enjoying herself.

These aren't the only requirements needed for working from home and Jeannine explains that some of the others are:

  • Being able to multitask.
  • Having really good communication skills.
  • Being able to keep up with the ever changing industry.

James ends the edition by asking Jeannine what technology she couldn't live without. She admits that Skype and Facebook would be her answer. She even has a laugh at the thought of Facebook actually being part of her job. However social media is a strong part of internet marketing and this has been discussed in previous podcasts; including one split into two parts about social media and its connection with mobile technology.

In the end, Jeannine considers any technology which removes barriers to communication is essential and James contemplates that Skype has certainly made the world a smaller place.


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