AB #469 | How to Leverage YouTube to Generate a Flood of Leads and Position Yourself as a Leading Authority, w Desmond Soon

Welcome to another edition of the Affiliate Buzz, where affiliate marketers have been coming to be inspired, informed, and motivated to succeed since way back in 2003. Last week, James talked to Brian Walt about how to lead a location independent lifestyle. This week, James talks with Desmond Soon and Jason Majoué about YouTube video marketing strategies.

From the "Tube Your Own Horn" Video Marketing Agency, CEO and founder Desmond SoonDesmond Soon and Jason Majoue of Tube Your Own Horn.com Discuss YouTube video marketing strategies and Chief Marketing Officer Jason Majoué discuss generating leads and sales, as well as positioning yourself and business as an authority in a specific niche by using YouTube. Desmond and Jason are specialists in the latest video marketing and video SEO ranking strategies. They work with coaches, consultants, influencers, motivational speakers, and others to help them use YouTube video marketing strategies.

YouTube Video Marketing Strategies

A hot button for everyone is generating leads and sales. Blogging, podcasting, and videos are three viable options to achieve this goal. Desmond decided to go with videos because he felt comfortable being on camera and YouTube was growing at the time.

YouTube is a way to make money. Jason describes the importance of using YouTube to get leads and predictable income through paid and free methods. Paid advertising gives you tons of exposure to your free content to make more predictable income and more consistent leads daily. Your content needs to be educational, inspirational, or entertaining. YouTube is like a blue ocean. Which is wide open and available. Compared to a red ocean, which is full of sharks going after fish and lots of blood in the water. There is so much more opportunity and less competition with YouTube. To have certainty and scalability in your business, YouTube is the way to do that.

Types of Videos Available

Make videos that make you look professional and where you provide value. You can record and upload these on-demand videos to YouTube for free. Live videos from your phone or streamed on YouTube. Event live videos are like Google Hangouts and Webinars to stream live content.

What kind of videos should you create? Research your market and target audience to better understand what kind of videos you need to start with. What kind of questions are customers asking and what kind of questions should they be asking? YouTube video marketing strategies include making videos that get found and answer these questions.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • Free and paid tools available like Google Analytics, and Tube Buddy.
  • How YouTube is part of a decision-making process where people do their research on products by watching YouTube videos.
  • Create an FAQ and SAQ to determine what customers in your niche are asking and what their pain points are
  • Make videos that make you look professional and where you provide value



  1. Desmond Soon says:

    Was a Pleasure being on the Show James along with Jason.


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