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AB #430 | Tricia Meyer, Affiliate Marketer of the Year Shares What’s Working in Affiliate Marketing Today!

James and Tricia will talk about what’s working in affiliate marketing today including: Negotiation between affiliates and affiliate managers, Diversification – why you can’t rely on Google or Facebook, Coupons, cash back and other strategies for combining content with “the deal”, Steps you can take to make your site a one stop shop, The latest news and resources from the Performance Marketing Association.

AB #422 | Listen as Jonathan Miller, CEO of Forge Business and, Shares the Biggest Mistakes In Affiliate Marketing Today (and the Best Moves You Can Make)!

Pay for performance is a great way to do just that. On the affiliate side, it keeps marketers sharp and innovative. You’re only as good as your last transaction. On the advertiser side, pay for performance offers a stable, transparent, predictable source of sales which can be planned and budgeted for.

AB #420 | Split testing and Conversion Optimization with Justin Rondeau, the Quintessential Nerd Play in new window | Download (Duration: 31:41 — 29.0MB) | EmbedWelcome to another edition of The Affiliate Buzz, where affiliate marketers come to be inspired, informed and motivated. Arlene is away this week, but James is joined by Justin Rondeau of DigitalMarketer. They discuss split testing and strategies for conversion optimization. Justin Rondeau