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AB #473 | YES! In a Matter of Weeks, You Can Be Launching a Profitable Podcast (and Why You Should)

Why is it that affiliates are not jumping on the podcasting bandwagon? There are tons of people starting very profitable and successful podcasts. Just listen to episodes of James’ Podcasting Mastery podcast. Why are you not podcasting? Are you already successful in other areas of marketing and don’t need the traffic? Are you fearful of getting behind a microphone and talking?

AB #463 | Podcasting Pioneer and Producer of 20,000+ Episodes Shares the Real Deal on Why Marketers and Publishers *Must* Have Their Own Show

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, James Martell speaks with Brasco (aka Jorge Hermida), Program Director and Podcast Producer at Cranberry Radio. They discuss what makes a good podcast host? How podcasting is like radio, and how it’s different. What a podcast producer can do for you and why you should consider starting your own show.

AB #460 | How to Become a Highly Effective Salesperson with Ryan Stewman, aka the Hardcore Closer

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, James Martell speaks with Ryan Stewman, aka the Hardcore Closer, about how selling a $12 car wash anything like selling a $1.2m home, simple methods for understanding objections and battling them, why are many salespeople hesitant about asking for the sale, prescription-based selling, types of questions are the best to ask your customers and more.