10 Ways to Make Money without Leaving the House

One income for a household is simply not enough anymore. In fact, for many people, two incomes are barely cutting it. If you find yourself in this situation then it's time you take matters into your own hands and make some extra income.

Working from home offers many advantages—besides the obvious of getting to work in your pajamas. For one, you generally get to make your own hours. Most work-from-home jobs are freelance positions or jobs for which you're your own boss, which means you get to make the terms. You may have deadlines, but when you get the work done is up to you.

Here are some income boosters you should consider if you're looking to supplement your livelihood by working from home:

1. Sell eBooks Online

What better way to share your passion of reading and to make money than to start your own eBook website. The project will be extremely rewarding as you learn the ins and outs of buying and selling, as well as the process of using a free website builder, like WordPress.

The Details: Download the website builder, learn the ropes, and begin designing your e-bookstore. To fill your virtual shelves with books, you'll need to buy the rights to the eBooks you're interested in selling and then get to work selling. Many sites allow you to purchase the master resell rights to the eBooks, which means you don't have to share the profits.

2. Sell Your Handiwork on the Internet

If you're a crafty person and enjoy spending time creating with your hands, then you may want to consider turning your hobby into a business. Some interesting money-making crafts include hand-knitted clothing, baskets woven from reeds and plant material, hand carved wine holders, and homemade jewelry. If you enjoy doing it anyways, why not make money along the way?

The Details: Sign up with eBay for quick and easy transactions, or join the fabulous online crafts community of Etsy or Silkfair. These sites require you to register (with a fee) and a 3%-3.5% commission off of each of your sales. These sites receive quite a bit of traffic and provide an excellent arena for you to profit from your skill. Etsy alone in the last year saw $88 million in sales.

3. Teach Workshops, Either Online or in Your House

Do you have a particular skill that you'd like to share with the world? Do you think you have a service that you could provide to individuals or small groups? If so, start advertising your workshop idea, sell spots in your classes, and make money!

The details: Advertise like crazy. Put fliers up around your neighborhood—in schools, churches, grocery stores---anywhere where you're allowed. You can also advertise online through list-serves, Facebook, and community boards. Once you have 3-4 people (or more, depending on your space), you can start teaching. Popular workshop ideas include yoga instruction, pottery classes, time management support, etc. You can even put up webinars and gain a following that way.

4. Post Pictures for Money

Fill stock photo sites with your pictures. When people download your photos…you get paid!

The details: Start uploading your pictures to sites like Fotolia, ShutterStock, and BigStockPhoto. You do the work once (of uploading) and can end up making residual income…forever!

5. Go on a Mystery Shopper Shopping Spree

This one requires you to leave the house for a few hours and then finish up the job online. Going undercover and shopping at stores that you'll then review, however, is sort of a nice way to get out of the house and do work without it really feeling like work.

The details: Sign up at Service Excellence Group, Shoppers View, or Service intelligence. Head to the stores and then head home to review them.

6. Turn Your Trash into Treasure

Stop throwing things out and open an eBay account instead.

The details: Visit eBay, Craigslist, Hoobly, and efleaa. Post the products you'd like to get rid of and watch how your basement turns into a trove of wealth.

7. Write Articles

Become an expert content writer for the internet.

The details: Find content writing jobs on Craigslist, GetaFreelancer, Elance, or Odesk, or write quick pay-per-minute answers to questions on LivePerson and JustAnswer.

8. Become a Assistant…Virtually

No need to head to the office these days to do your secretarial work. Many companies are choosing to outsource their work for cost reasons and you can benefit from that decision by making calls, sending emails, and appointment setting from home.

The details: Find jobs on Team Double Click, Virtual Office Temps, Elance, or Alpine Access. Craigslist may also list personal assistant jobs.

9. Sign Up and Become an Online Tutor

College graduates can work from home by providing their tutorial skills. Establish virtual relationships with students from all over the world and help them with their math, science, English, or any other subject you have experience in.

The details: Tutor.com and Transwebtutors are great places to start to get set up as an online tutor.

10. Build a Popular Website

Get people to visit your website and hope that they click on your affiliate link sand the ads on the sides of your content and you could make a respectable income. Start with one website about virtually anything and as you see promise, start building more.

The details: You can build a website from scratch by downloading a free builder program. Take a tutorial on how to use the site and then build away!

About the Author

Melanie Citron loves working from the comfort of her own home office desk.  She is best know for researching and writing about tips and strategies for creating a successful home based business. Melanie lives in Pittsburgh PA along with her husband and 3 busy teenage children. See more of her writing at BuildMySiteforFree.com.


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