How To Manually Optimize Web Pages And Posts

On-Page Optimization - Handy Cheat Sheet

Joan Mylchreest shared this handy cheat sheet in Affiliate Buzz #203 where we talked about the key to profitability with affiliate programs. I am sure you will find it very helpful. I would also suggest printing yourself a copy.

  1. Your primary keyword must be included in the title tag.
  2. Your primary keyword should also appear once in the meta description tag (near the beginning).
  3. Include a couple of other related keywords in the meta description tag.
  4. Your primary keywords must appear in the H1, H2 and H3 tags. (the main headline being the most important)
  5. Your primary keywords must appear in the first 90 characters of the first paragraph.
  6. Your primary keywords must appear in the last sentence of your article.
  7. Your overall keyword density of each article or post should be at least 3%.
  8. It’s a good idea for each of your posts or pages that you bold, underline or italicize your primary keyword once within your content.
  9. Make sure each image you add to each post or page has an alt tag with your primary keyword in it.
  10. You need to link to another internal page on your site using your primary keyword as the anchor text.
  11. Using your primary keywords as anchor text it’s a good idea to link to an authority site at least once in each post or page.
  12. Make sure you remove all other outgoing links other than to the affiliate program you are promoting.
  13. Make sure that each post or page is “tightly written” around your primary keywords.

If you have a WP blog, consider investing in SEO Pressor. This plug in automatically does all of the above for you. What a great time saver!



  1. Elisabeth says:

    Thank you so much. I also watched SEO Pressor and learned something about H1 tags that I never knew before. Always learning...

  2. Marcus clayton says:

    Great tips. Many people don't realize that a link from your post to an authority site using your selected keyword gives your post more authority.

  3. JG Fuller @ Los Angeles Attorney says:

    agree on everything you said sir James.. with your permission I would like to copy this article for myself. just in-case I forgot something.. also I can share it to my fellow SEO's, I wont post it to other site just a softcopy just to add on my personal book.

  4. Jim Cook says:

    I have implemented SEO Pressor plugin on a number of blogs. I have not seen a significant increase in traffic. They are fairly competitive niches, and I'm beginning to think that inbound quality links with the appropriate anchor text are much more important than on-page SEO.

    Any thoughts?

    • James Martell says:

      Hi Jim,

      It's true that you do need quality inbound links. I have also found that if I take the time to do a little on-page optimization it does really help to see top rankings.

      I will give you an example. I did an Affiliate Buzz recently on how to repurpose content. The page has no inbound links, yet it still ranks in the #2 spot. It probably wouldn't have ranked so well if I didn't take the extra few minutes to optimize the page.

      The bigger reason the page is ranking is that it is published on a site that already has lots of good backlinks and this trust is bleeding over to many of the new pages that are being added. So in reality it's a combo a little on-page optimization and some quality backlinks.

      To your point about being in fairly competitive niches that's probably the case as well. I did another podcast recently in a more competitive niche of the topic of what is anchor text?

      For that keyword phrase I am listed in the #15 spot because I am surrounded by others who understand SEO. In this case if I want to move to page one I'll need to get additional backlinks to this page.


  5. Jim Cook says:

    Thanks James, good point about the combo effect.

  6. David Davis, Jr says:

    I've been getting tons of spam comments on my other blogs about SEO Pressor, but hadn't really looked closely at it until reading your recommendation. Thanks James for the good info!

  7. Tilen Hrovatic says:

    Thanks for the list of awesome and useful tips 🙂

  8. John Anderson says:

    Hello James!

    Thanks for sharing the useful tips. By the way, I actually invest to SEO PRESSOR and so far it do good to me. Great list with a useful tips, Thanks!


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