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The Martell’s on Vacation

Edition – Dream Vacations │ Length 03:08 One of the greatest benefits of earning money with affiliate programs is the many opportunities for travel. In this video James and Arlene Martell share with viewers just a few of their favorite holidays taken with their youngsters, Adam, Justin, Shelby and Victoria.

Shelby Cobra – Way Too Much Fun!

Edition – Shelby Cobra │ Length 02:51 James Martell spotted a Shelby Cobra 427 S/C back in 1979. He instantly knew he had to have one. In 1990, James and Arlene’s first daughter was born. They called here “Shelby”. Yes, they named her after the car.😊 Thanks to his success in the affiliate marketing industry

The Beauty of the Break-ation

Let me tell you, nothing to me sounds more tempting than a vacation. Nothing beats a long relaxing break, enjoying quality time with family and friends and just getting away from it all. Taking a holiday is a lovely thought, however it’s often hard to find a window of time when I can pull myself