Long Running Affiliate Marketing Podcast Series “Affiliate Buzz” Moves to WebmasterRadio.FM

Super Affiliate Veteran James Martell, along with wife Arlene, bring their long-running Affiliate Buzz to WebmasterRadio.FM and its ongoing expansion of affiliate marketing programming.

"Affiliate Buzz", the longest running podcast dedicated to the affiliate marketing industry will officially debut on its new radio home WebmasterRadio.FM on Thursday June 17th at 5pm Eastern and 2pm Pacific Time.

Since 2003, James Martell has been keeping loyal listeners up-to-date on the latest news, tips and money making strategies. He is recognized as a leading expert in affiliate training, with programs like the Affiliate Marketer’s “SUPER Boot Camp,” audio series.

James, along with his wife Arlene, host Affiliate Buzz, which is geared at helping affiliate marketers learn the ins and outs of making money with affiliate programs.

"James personifies the role model that all affiliate marketers should follow. His commitment inspires the industry via his continued outreach for education". WebmasterRadio.FM Co-founder and President Brandy Shapiro-Babin said. "We are honored that he would move his long standing radio show and add to the excellence of the WebmasterRadio.FM lineup."

Affiliate Buzz joins WebmasterRadio.FM’s expansion of affiliate marketing programming which includes mainstay “Affiliate Marketing Insider” and the relaunch of “Affiliate Marketing Today”. WebmasterRadio.FM is owned and operated by NewGen Broadcasting, which also owns one of the largest trade shows and conferences for the affiliate marketing industry, the AffCon 2010 Conference and Expo Series.

New episodes of Affiliate Buzz air every Thursday at 5pm Eastern/2pm Pacific on WebmasterRadio.FM or on-demand in the WebmasterRadio.FM archives inside the Affiliate Marketing Channel or through iTunes.


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