Generate Income While Helping Others Solve A Problem

For many, the Internet has become the first choice when seeking information. It has also become a place where a lot of people are make a living. What is special about the Internet is you can create a business that generates income, while at the same time helping better the lives of others.

My wife Arlene did just that, taking critical information about a special diet that helps stop seizures and spreading the word about this diet to others struggling with this problem. In the process, she created a business that provides income and helps others.

When our son Adam was four years old he suffered from 200-300 seizures a day. Drugs had no effect, and we were at the end of our rope in how to deal with it. Then, one evening Arlene received a call from her mom that Dateline NBC was running a show about a special diet proven to stop seizures. The story featured famous Hollywood producer Jim Abrahams and his son Charlie. Charlie had a very similar story to Adam.

Abrahams discovered a diet developed at John Hopkins University called Ketogenic Diet. This diet had been around since 1925 but had failed to be promoted. Arlene immediately put Adam on the diet and with ONE DAY he was seizure free. That’s right, one day and no more seizures. This was after four years of harmful seizures and a variety of ineffective drugs. Ten years later, Adam continues to be seizure and drug free.

Thanks to the information found through Jim Abrahams, Arlene is convinced it saved Adam’s life. From the time we started our first Internet business, Arlene wanted to create a site to get the word out about the diet in order to help moms who are dealing with children suffering from epilepsy. Unfortunately, raising four kids and helping me in the business never allowed her to get around to it.

One of Arlene’s many duties is to handle customer support for the students of my training classes, and she greets everyone attending my online training sessions as they log in each week to my online conference room. It was during one of these training sessions that the opportunity for Arlene to create an advocacy site for moms of children with epilepsy presented itself.

During one of our earlier sessions, Arlene happened to mention that she was interested in building a site about epilepsy. Members of the class immediately spoke up to encourage her to do so. Many of our members know Arlene is a very busy, dedicated mother, but with a little coaxing she decided to move forward and build the site. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to build the site.

She absolutely wanted to, but like many people she felt challenged by the prospect of fitting it into her busy life. You may be in a similar situation, wondering if you have enough time to build your own site.

After a couple of days Arlene decided to move ahead with her project and organized her schedule so she could spend time working on it. I volunteered to help, but also decided to up the ante a little. I thought it would be a great idea for her to be my guinea pig so I could show how to build a site from scratch as an example to my students.

Each week during our sessions with my BootCamp attendees, I would show Arlene exactly what to do so she could move forward quickly, and the class was able to work alongside Arlene and I. We started in the first class by organizing a basic blueprint for her site. It consisted of creating a visitor profile and led to a feature list of what she wanted her visitors to be able to do when they arrived at the site. Next we created a detailed keyword list, set up her hosting and carefully selected a domain name. She decided her site would be called

The next step was to determine what kind of content she wanted on the site and how to find low-cost writers at Elance to create the content using information Arlene supplied. Although she is a pretty good writer, Arlene was amazed at how well the writers were able to capture her voice and commented that “they did a way better job” then she could have done. She was also pleasantly surprised at the affordability of professional writers.

Next I taught her how to set up a free content management system she could use to easily build her site, and then Arlene decided to create a podcast, something she had never done before. She was nervous, but I walked her, and the class, through the steps and before long she was offering her visitors regular podcasts. She even got listed in Apple’s iTunes directory, which turns out to be relatively easy when you know what to do.

Arlene set up a chat forum for mothers to share information, she learned how to hire writers for a constant supply of articles, and she learned how to create a press release and distribute it locally and on the internet. One result of local distribution of press releases was that she ended up on the front page of our local paper.

This process was extremely effective, as students were able to watch Arlene’s site grow from scratch and all they had to do each week was repeat her steps. It worked brilliantly, if I do say so myself. It also gave me a chance to record each of the sessions and in the end we had a total of 26 video and audio lessons, each one 90 minutes long. I also had them transcribed so that anyone who wanted to create a website from scratch could just follow the step’s Arlene went through.

During the process of building it was determined that there would be two goals for the site. First, get the word out about the Ketogenic Diet. Second, develop an income for Adam. Adam is an amazing child and a true inspiration. Unfortunately, four years of heavy medications and constant seizures left him with mild brain damage.

Arlene was motivated and she did an amazing job. She worked on her site a little bit every week, as did the rest of the class, and it is a great testament to what can be achieved with consistent effort. Her consistent, hard work paid off. Six months following the official launch of her site it has grown to over 500 pages of content and a vibrant and growing community of moms.

Things came full circle for Arlene, as she was able to interview Jim Abrahams from Charlie Foundation ( for one of her podcasts.

Although Arlene worked with me in building our affiliate marketing business, she had never built a site herself. She is a great example of how anyone, with the right information and guidance, can create an income-generating site.

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