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When I started in affiliate marketing I had some pretty big goals. I wanted a better life for my wife and kids, I needed a bigger house—and a car that wouldn’t break down all the time, and I really wanted to have the time (and money) to do the things I’ve always wanted --like travel and own a Shelby Cobra.

That’s asking a lot for a guy just getting started in the business. But I’m a firm believer that having all of your goals laid out in front of you everyday makes those goals easier to achieve.

I used to rely on sticky notes taped to the bathroom mirror or pieces of notebook paper on my desk (which always got lost in the shuffle.) When I went digital, I tried the start page for a while but it really didn’t have the functionality I was looking for.

Then one day while I was thinking about ways to organize my web links easier than in my browser’s bookmarks (I was a slow typist and hated trying to find and copy all those addresses) I had an idea. I knew how to build web pages so I created my own customized browser start page with links to all the sites I went to on a daily basis and lists of my goals up front and in my face. It was all right there every time I went to my homepage.

PageLeap - FREE Internet Start Page

This method worked so well, saving me the hassle of remembering (and typing in) all those garbled web addresses and keeping me motivated to achieve, that I’ve taught this it to all of my students since. In fact, a little later in the newsletter, you’ll get a chance to hear about how Jonathan Kraft uses it even today to keep his career—and his personal life—on track and up to speed while travelling the world.

Now, I’ve taken this technique to the next level. I’ve created a free web service called PageLeap that allows you to create your own customizable start page. A couple of easy steps and you have everything you need to keep you goal-centered, save time, and increase your efficiency so you can worry about more important things.

Not only does PageLeap organize all of your web links in neat little packages so they’re at your fingertips, it’s a motivational tool as well. In fact, the best part is that your goals are there every time you open your browser—in pictures! Want that new BMW? Slap a photo on the page and you can picture yourself in it every day … keep snapshots of the Magic Kingdom there to remind you how much you want to take your kids to Disney World … how about a picture of your dream home?

My page features a picture of a tropical beach to remind me how much fun Arlene and I had in the Caribbean—and how much we want to go back.

Check out this little video I’ve made to introduce you to PageLeap. It’ll take no time at all and might just be the thing you need to help you get to the next level.

To your online success,


  1. Jean Gallagher says:

    I've been using PageLeap for quite a long time and I couldn't do without it.

    One issue, James. There is a column for "friends". I want to delete that column (you know I don't have any friends) but I can't get it to go away.

    Honestly, I don't know how I functioned without this.

  2. James Martell says:

    Hi Jean,

    Thanks, much appreciated. I am glad you're enjoying the service.

    I am working on some options for the "Friends" column in the next update, which I am currently working on now.

    You will notice these most recent updates are listed on the Blog which you can access at the bottom of the page when you're logged into PageLeap.



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