ShareaSale Think Tank – The Grand Del Mar Is Truly Grand

There are many conferences and events to attend as an internet marketer, but in my mind nothing can compare to the annual ShareaSale Think Tank. This exclusive invitation-only event is limited to approximately 80 people, made up of the who’s who in affiliate marketing.

This year Affiliate publishers and merchants from all over North America converged on The Grand Del Mar, a spectacular resort hotel in San Diego, California for the event held October 10-12. Like most attendees, my wife Arlene and I arrived a day early. Some came to enjoy a round of golf on the Tom Fazio designed course, while others, including Arlene and I, enjoyed a day of adventure and exploration at Sea World.

Arriving at the resort we knew we were in for a special experience as we turned onto the picturesque curvy mile-long driveway, drove past the water fountain and Royal palm trees and into the foyer where we were greeted warmly by The Grand Del Mar valets. The attentive valets took over from there, handling everything for us including our luggage, check-in and a tour of our spectacular room. The Grand Del Mar is aptly named, as it is a truly grand hotel.

As usual, Brian Littleton, President and CEO of spared no expense for this event, as every meal was a 5-star event, including the warm and inviting welcome reception dinner that kicked things off. Held on the back patio overlooking the well manicured gardens and the golf course, the beautiful California evening was a welcome sight for an event that brings together the top affiliates and top merchants to discuss business development strategies, share ideas and to engage in site critiques.

This year’s event saw twice as many merchants in attendance, including,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

The Think Tank also included a number of small group round table discussions on topics that included:

  • Blog Strategies
  • Demographic Occasions
  • Affiliates: How to Scale Your Business
  • Affiliate Fair Play
  • Building Merchant/Affiliate Relationships
  • The Care and Feeding of Your Affiliate Manager
  • The Issue of New York and their Tax
  • Demographic Women
  • Demographic Men

The event is also a great networking opportunity, as before, during and after sessions affiliates and merchants have a chance to meet and greet, get to know each other and work on business opportunities.

This one-of-a-kind event wrapped up Sunday after a breakfast on the back lawn with what many consider the best session – a 3-hour discussion period and feedback session with ShareaSale President and CEO, Brian Littleton.

Everything about the ShareaSale Think Tank is top-notch. From the world-class resort setting to the very special group of attendees, from the barbecue lunch featuring gourmet hamburgers, hot dogs and steaks to the evenings spent having drinks in the lounge or enjoying the hot tub under the clear moonlit California sky and the wind rustling through the Royal palms, there is no other event like this.

As an exclusive and private event, many affiliate publishers may be wondering how they can get an invitation. Only Brian Littleton knows for sure, but my advice would be to join ShareaSale, become an ongoing and active producer, and I would guess that there is a very likely chance that you too could get your name added to this exclusive list.

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  1. Brian Littleton says:


    Thanks for the great writeup! Sorry I am just seeing it now but that was a great review of what I thought was an event that went really well.

    We look forward to trying again next fall, but I agree... it is going to be really hard to top the Grand Del Mar as a hotel - that was fantastic!


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