Use Your Passion To Choose A Topic (Video)

Have you ever wanted to own a Ferrari F50, or park your own Lamborghini Countach in your garage? Maybe your tastes are more classic American, like a 69 Ford Mustang or a little red Corvette. Whatever your dream car might be, don’t give up on having one.

Despite the slowing economy and the financial struggles of everyday life, there is a path to financial freedom that can afford you the opportunity to make a lifelong dream of owning a spectacular automobile come true. It is also possible for this business opportunity to be focused on your dream car. Let me explain.

One of the biggest challenges faced by many beginning affiliate marketers is choosing a topic for their affiliate site. I have been in affiliate marketing since the late 1990’s. Over that time I have published over 100 websites, but it wasn’t until long after owning my own dream car that I started a website about it. You don’t have to wait that long, and the fact of that matter is that your dream car site just might help buy your dream car.

James Martell Takes His Dream Car For A Spin!

My story is a perfect example of how it can work. I saw my dream car for the first time in 1979. I was out for a walk in Kelowna, BC Canada with my girlfriend Arlene, who is now my wife of 24 years, when I saw it -- a Shelby Cobra. I loved that car from the first moment I saw it and knew I wanted one. I had to have one. I became a huge fan of Carroll Shelby and his legendary Shelby Cobra and dreamt of the day I would own one.

Fast forward to the mid-90’s. The dream of owning that classic automobile had all but been forgotten. Life just seems to get in the way of our dreams. I had gotten married, my two sons Adam and Justin had been born, and then my first daughter, named Shelby of course, and then our fourth child, another daughter named Victoria.

I was a carpenter by trade, and for the average carpenter a Cobra is far from reach financially, particularly a carpenter with four children. I started my own construction company, bought my first house, and promptly forgot all about my Cobra. In the early 1990’s I changed careers and started a small telecom company. Deregulation of the telecom industry forced me to look for a new business, and that was when I discovered the internet thanks to a friend who new we were struggling. That was 1997, and he was kind enough to introduce me to the world of affiliate marketing and pay-for-performance marketing.

Earning money online from retailers who would pay me a commission for each customer I referred to them led me to develop my current company, Net Guides Publishing Inc. in 2003. As a publishing company, as well as the author of a popular downloadable training manual, an audio newsletter, and a hugely popular online BootCamp we had developed over 100 websites. And yet, not a single one of them was about the Shelby Cobra.

As my success continued I suddenly remembered my desire to own a Cobra. In early 2004 I called my accountant and inquired about my ability to afford one. An original Cobra starts at about $500,000 with most held in private collections or museums. However, many companies produce replicas. The day after I asked him, my accountant called back to say YES! I could afford a replica, but the question was, which one?

I started surfing the Internet to find the right builder of replica Cobras and discovered Peter Jacobsen of Calgary, Alberta. At that time he had built nine replicas. My son Justin and I flew to Calgary to meet with Peter, and we decided to have him hand-build a custom Shelby Cobra replica to my exact specifications -- blue with two white stripes, high performance race engine, racing suspension and breaks, and perfectly detailed down to the valve stem covers with a Cobra logo.

My car was delivered to my garage in mid-January 2005 and she is more fun than I had ever imagined. The financial rewards of my hard work building a successful affiliate marketing business had allowed me to realize my dream of owning this magnificent vehicle. And yet, it wasn’t until I had put over 7000 miles on it that it dawned on me to build a website about Cobras! The idea was right in front of me for years, and yet I couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

The point is, you don’t have to wait to build a successful affiliate marketing business to create a site about your dream car. You can create a successful business by building a website about your dream car first. You don’t have to let your passion and dream of owning a classic automobile languish in the back of your mind. Instead, take that passion and create a site about Ferrari’s, Porsche’s, Maserati’s or Lotus. Whatever your favorite, create a community for others that have the dreams and passions for the same car.

I am crazy about Cobras. I was just recently watching the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction live from the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas thanks to Speed TV. I attend my favorite events about cars, visit the Shelby American Museum and factory in Las Vegas when in the area, and attend cars shows and cruises.

All of this is used to gather content for the site I finally began to build in July, 2007. My website, about kit cars and replicas, is bringing together a community of car lovers, and needless to say I have had a lot of fun organizing and building it. I have even had the honor of meeting Carroll Shelby himself through my travels.

Most of us dream of financial independence. A lot of us even dream of owning an exotic car. Now you have an opportunity to turn your passion for a car into a business that could eventually lead to you being able to afford this dream automobile.

Don’t let the current economic conditions keep you from dreaming of having the lifestyle you deserve and the special car you desire. Instead, use this time as an opportunity to create your own economic prosperity by turning your passion into a business. You might be surprised at your own success, and before you know it you might just be able to walk out to your garage and find that your dream has become a reality. But you will never see it in your garage if you don’t act. Do something now. Give it a shot and don’t give up on those dreams.

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