Ken McCarthy’s Eagles Club – An Afternoon of Conversation

Recently I had the opportunity to hang out with some really great people. I was asked by Ken McCarthy to speak to his Eagles’ club in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada and incidentally, my hometown.

For those of you who do not know, Ken is an icon in the Internet marketing field. He is the founder of the System Seminar, which is a leading Internet conference held annually in Chicago. Ken also organized and sponsored the first conference held on the subject of the commercial potential of the World Wide Web.

Ken's company, Amacord Inc. (formerly E-Media), was one of the first Internet based businesses in the world. Not only that, but Ken McCarthy is just an all-around great guy, so it was only natural that I would spend an afternoon speaking at this great event that he holds.

It is always a personal honor for me to be able to speak at any of Ken's conferences. Not only that, I always enjoy the company of other interesting and formidable Internet marketers at these events.

The Eagles’ club meet several times throughout the year in different cities to help their members develop their online and off-line businesses. The Eagles’ club meeting at the Sheraton Wall Center in Vancouver was a three-day roundtable.

The neat thing about the Eagles’ club is that its members are as diverse as any community is. For example, I met a professional chef, a locksmith, a lawyer and everyone from affiliates to merchants of different sorts. This is really a dynamic and versatile group.

The sessions usually begin bright and early in the morning but I was not up to speak until 2 PM. This gave me a great opportunity to enjoy many of the other speakers. My focus for the day was to talk about the SE0-friendly publishing model.

I have found in my travels and in speaking with other business owners that it doesn't matter the type of business that you are in. Everyone is interested in gaining more free and natural search traffic to his or her web site. This is of course crucial for online success. Therefore, my talk focused on creating SEO content and how businesses can employ low-cost professionals from freelance sites such as Elance, to create quality content for their sites.

I also emphasized the importance of gathering quality backlinks and how easily this is accomplished if folks follow the tips and strategies I outline in my SEO course for non-techies.

The day wrapped up with a delicious dinner and great conversation with all the speakers. I would like to think it was because my talk was so warmly welcomed that Ken invited me back for the Friday session.

On Friday afternoon, Arlene and I jumped into the Cobra and off to downtown Vancouver for the second day. I had a nice conversation with Michael Campbell, who was one of my biggest allies early on, as he was the first to review and promote my first edition of the Affiliate Marketers Handbook back in 2002.

He was also generous enough to send an e-mail to his contact list that has led to many other positive reviews for my book. Michael gave a terrific talk about using social media to build traffic and gain top rankings. He is also a natural comedian and if you have the chance to hear him talk, you should not miss it.

At the end of the day, a few of us took a break and headed to the lounge for a well-deserved beverage. After that, we all ended up chatting around the cobra, where I was able to show off our dream car. From there we headed to a really nice Japanese restaurant where Ken treated us to a wonderful meal.

After all was said and done, Arlene and I headed for the 45-minute drive back home in the cobra. This was a terrific day and I look forward to being invited to speak at Ken's function again. I have included a link to Ken McCarthy's site, where you should be sure to sign up for his newsletter, which is jam-packed full of great tips:


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