"Private Coaching With James Martell Can Help YOU Prevent Mistakes, Solve Problems And Increase Your Chances For Success!"

*Don Campbell (in the audio above) talks about his experiences
and reaching $5,000 per month after completing 8 private
1-on-1 coaching sessions with James Martell.

Do You Have An Internet Project In Mind?
If So, Maybe I Can Help?

  • Are you considering doing your own podcast? - The Affiliate Buzz is first and longest running podcast in the affiliate marketing industry (since 2003) and as of May 24, 2017 has published a whopping 460 episodes. Would you like to develop your own podcast? I guarantee can show you how.

  • Do you have an idea to publish your own eBook? - I released the Affiliate Marketers Handbook way back in May 2002. It went on to sell 5,500 copies at $167 each. It also spawned numerous profitable online course and in person speaking engagements. I can show you step-by-step plan how to develop and launch your own eBook.

  • Have you been thinking about creating a community site? - I have launched a number of popular membership sites. My most recent membership site is PodcastingMastery.com is shaping up to be my most successful one to date. You also need to know what you're doing. I can teach you one-on-one how to build an amazing membership site.

  • Do you have an idea for an online course? - I have created, launched and profited from more that a dozen popular online courses. Well, let's get started. I would love to show you how.

  • Is your website performing poorly? - I have been teaching others how to build profitable websites since 2001. Let's put our heads together and work out a game plan that makes sense. We'll work together to get traffic. That's my specialty.

  • Are you a former (or current) student wanting some personal attention? - I've been in the affiliate marketing industry since its infancy. I've developed several do-it-yourself trainings geared towards the "affiliate" niche. Maybe some personal coaching can get your affiliate business to the next level.

  • Do you have something else in mind? - I offer an initial FREE consultation to see if my coaching is a fit. Email Arlene to set it up a quick meeting by contacting her directly at my Help Desk. Let's brainstorm your idea together as a first step.

It Starts With A FREE Consultation

I have a busy schedule due to the launch of a variety of podcasts for clients, organizing a new course and a new grand son...

...but having said that I do have room 2 students each month for private coaching. (all done online, in 30 minute blocks of time.)

Email Arlene at our helpdesk@jamesmartell.com to schedule a FREE 15-minute telephone consultation with me to determining whether this is a fit to your particular situation.

I can't be sure until we talk, so email Arlene right away.

Or call her on her direct line: 1-604-542-0747

This offer is limited!

Coaching Packages

Sessions Duration Cost Cost/ Session  
16 30-minutes $2,000 $125
8 30-minutes $1,200 $150

If you have questions please or want to schedule a your initial consultation contact Arlene NOW at our Help Desk. This offer won't last long -- so don't delay!

Register below or call or email Arlene: Ph: 1-604-542-0747



  Wishing you Success,
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