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If You Don’t Tweet You Should

Twitter is everywhere. While you’ve no doubt heard of it, you can’t fully appreciate its capabilities until you’ve given it a try. Twitter keeps people connected to family, friends, and a target audience using a real-time micro-blog. By signing up for a free Twitter account, you can keep your clients up-to-date on progress and events

Affiliate Buzz #145 – As the Affiliate Buzz Approaches its Sixth Birthday, James Announces a New Format for the Show, Plus Shares 5 Tips to Avoiding A Big Mistake Many Affiliates Make

In this session, James announces it’s time for the show to go through a little overhaul, something he has had in the plans for sometime. In this session, James also shares important information about how to avoid a BIG mistake affiliates make when constructing their new website, and offers 5 tips so you won’t do the same.