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Is Working At Home Right For You?

I guess I’ve been spoiled. You see, unlike most people, I’ve never been into working for someone else. In fact, I’ve worked from home for most of my adult life running some type of business with my wife Arlene. Arlene and I take it so much for granted that I thought I’d share with readers

You Just Finished Your First Podcast… Now What?

As I’ve mentioned before, podcasts are a great way for business owners to market their business to a targeted audience. If you haven’t had the pleasure, a podcast is a digital audio or video file that is issued to subscribers automatically. Still confused? Let’s use my Arlene’s EpilepsyMoms.com Podcast as an example. In this case,

If You Don’t Tweet You Should

Twitter is everywhere. While you’ve no doubt heard of it, you can’t fully appreciate its capabilities until you’ve given it a try. Twitter keeps people connected to family, friends, and a target audience using a real-time micro-blog. By signing up for a free Twitter account, you can keep your clients up-to-date on progress and events

Affiliate Buzz #145 – As the Affiliate Buzz Approaches its Sixth Birthday, James Announces a New Format for the Show, Plus Shares 5 Tips to Avoiding A Big Mistake Many Affiliates Make

In this session, James announces it’s time for the show to go through a little overhaul, something he has had in the plans for sometime. In this session, James also shares important information about how to avoid a BIG mistake affiliates make when constructing their new website, and offers 5 tips so you won’t do the same.