If a Picture Paints a Thousand Words what can a Video Email do for Your Business?

It’s not often I come across a service which I think may well revolutionize the way I market my business, so please understand that for me, writing this review has been a lot of fun.

First let me present some background. I was first turned on to the video email service offered by Talk Fusion whilst I was discussing alternative ways to engage prospective customers with a friend of mine, Johan Sandstrom. Johan asked me if I had considered using video email to market to my customers? I instantly formed an image of some cranky third party application that would hog my bandwidth and present clients with something equivalent to a bad amateur video. I was wrong.

What is Talk Fusion?

Before I get into the nitty gritty of providing a full review of the Talk Fusion service, I should probably define exactly what it is first.

Talk Fusion is an email video service that does something very clever; it automatically includes your video image right into the email you send it along with. The person receiving the mail can watch it simply by clicking play. Pretty clever stuff.

Is Talk Fusion Right for Me?

Johan had convinced me that Talk Fusion was like nothing else, and that it was easy to use, yet I was still not convinced. He suggested I talk to an acquaintance of his, Bryan Conley, who had been using Talk Fusion to market his window tinting business based in Florida (www.floridatinting.com) for the last three years. Johan gave me his number and I dialled him up.

Bryan was kind enough to spend quite some time discussing the pros and cons of Talk Fusion with me. However, his very opening sentence had me interested. Now remember that Bryan is a Talk Fusion customer. When I asked him to tell me about Talk Fusion his first words were… “Talk Fusion is a suite of video marketing tools that really helps small businesses or large businesses do one good thing, which is communicate better with their customers. It helps them with customer retention and in keeping their customers smiling. It helps them save money on their marketing costs and at the end of the day helps them make more money.”

What are the Advantages of Talk Fusion?

Bryan went on to stress some of the main advantages that Talk Fusion has given his business. He explained that he had begun to use Talk Fusion in a down economy which was ultimately killing his business. He needed to find some way to stand out from the crowd, some way to engage prospective clients, and he settled on Talk Fusion because it did the following:

  • Increased sales – Bryan emphatically told me that the business no longer spends a single dollar on advertising. Talk Fusion has been so successful in bringing in sales that he no longer needs to exploit any other marketing avenue.
  • Increased conversion rates – Once again, Bryan stressed that the conversion rate using Talk Fusion is phenomenal. In his own words his business “dominates the market.”
  • Increased professionalism – Bryan is entirely convinced that Talk Fusion makes his business look like a million dollar operation.

There can be no doubt that Bryan is entirely sold on Talk Fusion and for obvious reason, he clearly lays much of the success of his current enterprise at the feet of Talk Fusion.

How can I use Talk Fusion?

Bryan also described how his company has used Talk Fusion to entirely personalize the customer experience, from first contact through to quote and conversion (see sample videos). And it is clear to see that by using a little imagination Talk Fusion can be used to make customers sit up and listen very easily.

Bryan confirmed this by giving us a list of just a few of the business that he knows are currently using Talk Fusion effectively.

  • Real Estate Agents – They are able to send invitations to open house events, provide customers with video footage of properties and above all, engage the client in the property before they have even seen it live.
  • Churches – Pastors are able to email the entire community in one shot, sending out video footage of the week’s events, providing church news and information about coming events. Some go so far as to broadcast their services live on the web.
  • Sewing Machine Companies – Using Talk Fusion for internal communication and for presenting training materials.
  • Gyms – Sending out video based fitness tips and training courses to be viewed at home.
  • Golf Courses – Providing gold pro tips weekly to members.

So yes, we can clearly see the application of Talk Fusion is only limited by the imagination.

Stop Press! – Check out this FACT!

Of the billions of emails that are sent around the globe every day, less than 1% of all email users have ever received a video email!

How does Talk Fusion Help On-line Marketers?

Once I had finished talking with Bryan, I started to brainstorm, finding ways in which Talk Fusion could help me as an on-line marketer. Here are just a few initial ideas I came up with.

  • List building – Anyone who is building and maintaining an email list can use Talk Fusion to engage their members.
  • Entertaining their audience – Many on-line marketers have a certain personality, and they will use this personality to create a buzz around themselves. Talk Fusion is a fantastic tool for reaching their audience, and one that is far more entertaining than a flat email.
  • Customer interaction – Sending regular updates and news, keeping clients abreast of new developments and generally keeping them interested in the brand.
  • High profile branding – Themed, regularly updated video content used as a tool for branding.

Am I Convinced?

You have probably guessed by now that I am entirely impressed with Talk Fusion. This is an inexpensive, easy to use service which can be used in so many ways to add value to the business.

Talk Fusion provides a brandable, flexible and cost effective way to breathe life into email communications by embedding in-line video.

Talk Fusion is not only effective; it is also the least costly option available at this moment. An entirely useful video email solution that can generate sales and increase conversions.


  1. Faith Barnard says:

    Hello James,
    Fabulous review of Talk Fusion. I have been a customer now since June and started sharing Talk Fusion with local business owners and contacts of mine on Facebook will needless to say the results have been stunning. United Way just enrolled in Talk Fusion for the fund raising endeavors, we have Chambers coming on board all over the country and I have personally seen the results in our social media and website development business.

    You do such a great job of sharing your story and outlining not only the benefit that Bryan received in using Talk Fusion as a brick and mortar business but you do a great job of outlining how this amazing suite of services can assist online marketers as well.

    Truly impressed. You are a great ambassador and I have know doubt you will be assisting many other business owners and online marketers to put the power of video in their communications and marketing through Talk Fusion.


    • James Martell says:

      Hi Faith,

      Thanks, your comments are much appreciated. I am looking forward to using the service myself. I rely heavily on email marketing for my business and I am excited to take it to the next level. I have also been using video to get the message out since 2003. It is an amazing way to communicate with an audience.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  2. Janet Garcia says:

    TalkFusion is the most complete set of video marketing tools available today... and even better... anyone can afford it! I love Talkfusion.

  3. Sandra says:

    Hi James, great review on TalkFusion, I totally agree. I have been using it in my business for the past 6 months and my clients love it too.
    To your success,

  4. Graphic Design Budapest says:

    This service looks very cool, even as a designer myself there are some fantastic features.

    The costs are certainly reasonable too.

  5. skyscapers says:

    I agree your Talk Fusion review, up to now I'm using it.

  6. Genie Fuller says:

    Fabulous review. Talk Fusion has given me so many tools to increase my business and also make extra money. In fact it is so much fun to make the videos that has become my main method of email communication. Thanks for recognizing the superb value and writing about it.

  7. Denise Benson says:

    I knew that when I found TalkFusion it was the right choice for me. TalkFusion is giving me the ability to meet with clients without having to travel to meet them in person. I can work with people from everywhere now. Using TalkFusion saves me lots of time and money especially with gas prices! After reading your review, it just confirms even more that I selected the right company for my practice. TalkFusion helps to take things to another level and I'm very thankful.

    Thanks for sharing your viewpoint!

    All the best!

  8. Brian Maher says:

    This looks like an amazing service - one which I know our clients would love. Thanks for sharing

  9. Barry Mackey says:

    Hi James,i had never heard of talk fusion before thanks for enlightening me to what looks like a very powerful marketing service


  10. Juliette says:

    I too had never heard of Talk Fusion, people seem to be very positive about it. I look forward to following your links and seeing it in action in a moment, thanks.

  11. Katherine Majer says:

    Hi James, great review on TalkFusion, I totally agree. I have been using it in my business for the past 6 months and my clients love it too.
    To your success,

  12. Ara says:

    Thanks for sharing. Im currently reading some stuff on conducting podcast and it brought me here. i will definitely try Talk fusion , great review by the way.


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