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AB #448 | Advertisers and Affiliates; Save Yourself a World of Hurt By Understanding the Right Way to Disclose an Affiliate Relationship

Welcome to another edition of The Affiliate Buzz, where affiliate marketers have been coming to be inspired, informed and motivated to succeed since way back in 2003. Arlene is away today, but James has two guests with him to discuss what affiliates and advertisers can do to save themselves from world of hurt from the FTC. by understanding the right way to disclose an Affiliate relationship.

Affiliate Buzz #223 – The Secret to Selecting Profitable Topics Play in new window | Download () | EmbedIn this edition of the Affiliate Buzz podcast, James Martell, a successful publisher, speaker and author talks with his wife and co-host Arlene Martell about the secret to selecting profitable topics. Various factors come into play when an affiliate marketer desires to select a profitable topic