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AB #455 | Luke Kling, 2017 Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award Winner for Affiliate Manager of the Year Shares the Straight Goods (and Tools) for Building Your Own Massive Following!

James welcomes Luke Kling to the show, to discuss the tools and strategies you can use to start building your own massive following from multiple channels. Luke is the marketing director for PeerFly, the fastest-growing affiliate network in the world, and he won the coveted 2017 Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award for Affiliate Manager of the Year.

AB #448 | Advertisers and Affiliates; Save Yourself a World of Hurt By Understanding the Right Way to Disclose an Affiliate Relationship

Welcome to another edition of The Affiliate Buzz, where affiliate marketers have been coming to be inspired, informed and motivated to succeed since way back in 2003. Arlene is away today, but James has two guests with him to discuss what affiliates and advertisers can do to save themselves from world of hurt from the FTC. by understanding the right way to disclose an Affiliate relationship.

AB #422 | Listen as Jonathan Miller, CEO of Forge Business and, Shares the Biggest Mistakes In Affiliate Marketing Today (and the Best Moves You Can Make)!

Pay for performance is a great way to do just that. On the affiliate side, it keeps marketers sharp and innovative. You’re only as good as your last transaction. On the advertiser side, pay for performance offers a stable, transparent, predictable source of sales which can be planned and budgeted for.