14 Things You Can Do To Attract Clients With Your Blog

Even with a blog, not all independent professionals know how to set up their professional networking accounts, how to get better rates for their services and how to network. Here are 14 things you can do to attract more clients with your blog.

1. Fine-Tune Your Target Audience Selection

Be very specific about this. Aim your content, your message and your topics towards the right audience. For example, if you’re an independent author, you want to fine tune your audience selection to include other authors, book readers, publishers and so on.

2. Revise Your “Contact Me” Page

Provide multiple ways of getting in touch with you. Put up links to your professional and business networking profiles. Provide a frequently monitored email address and your phone number. Also put up links to your client portfolio, services and important blog posts on your contact page.

3. Blog About Challenges That Clients Face

For example, if you provide web development services, talk about the need for optimizing web design and code for SEO. Talk about Google’s polices. Talk about why even with the so-called professional designs, traffic volumes are still low. These are the issues with which your clients wrestle every day.

4. Communicate With Your Audience

Even if you have just one reader for now, get him or her to subscribe to your newsletter. You can start your newsletter when you’ve got about 50 members or so, but don’t delay the list. Also, communicate regularly with your audience, through regular email, chat and comment responses.

5. Showcase Testimonials From Successful Projects

Apart from the testimonials and recommendations on your LinkedIn page, be sure to get some on your blog too. Link to these on your home page, contact us and about us page. Direct client testimonials talking about how you solved their problems is a great way to attract newer clients.

Build Your Business Profile Professional Networks

6. Facebook

Get as many eyeballs as you can through your professional networking profile on Facebook. With more than 850 million active Facebookers, you can more than attract clients here. Look up potential clients and join their fan clubs.

7. Twitter

You can use Twitter to spread your content links far and wide. Market your blog and put your message out there boldly. Join conversations, meet new people and most importantly, follow potential clients and promote their tweets.

8. LinkedIn

Create an extremely professional looking profile. Provide as much information as you can about the value you offer. Potential clients will be looking for how you can help develop their business. Be sure to ask for and get recommendations from previous clients and other professional contacts.

9. Infuse Your Personality Into Your Blog

Don’t hide your personality behind a stiff upper lip blog. Upload your pictures, family vacation pictures and so on. Let prospective clients see that you’re an easy going, easy-to-work-with person.

10. Link Your Social Media Activity To Your Blog

Invest time in becoming a resource on social media. Use plugins to show your social media activity on your blog, such as a Facebook plugin or Twitter widget to showcase your social media audience on your blog. Put up the social media proofs only after you’ve built an audience on SM.

11. Design Your Blog Using A PROFESSIONAL Theme

Your blog must reflect the utmost professionalism, in design, tone and presentation. Even if you have to spend money on it, get a professional to do your blog. Select a theme that works best to show case your work. Plus, a professional paid-for theme can be customized whenever you want; can’t say the same about cookie-cutter templates.

12. Create An About Us Page

Use your About Me page to talk about who you are, why you do what you do, and what motivates and challenges you. Talk about projects you really enjoy doing, and link to a project testimonial right there. Write your bio in crisp English, in the first person voice. Let them see you’re approachable.

13. Use Catchy Content With Great Titles

It’s your content that’ll primarily attract your audience, which should include potential clients. Be sure to write crisp content that’s easy to read and to the point. Come up with catchy titles so that people click your title links in newsletters and on social media. Make sure your titles are true to your post’s content and relevant. Also be sure to monitor your post readership statistics.

14. Upload Different kinds of useful and informative posts

Potential clients will be interested to see project case studies that showcase your goals, strategies and results. Other popular types are How-Tos, Tutorials, Product or Service Reviews and so on. As a promotional venture, upload a post providing special offers with a combination of services.

About the Author:

Dean is a freelance writer working for Invesp.com, a conversion rate optimization company that specializes in offering website usability, landing page and funnel optimization solutions. You can follow Invesp on twitter (@invesp)too for more website optimization tips.


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