8 Easy Steps to Increase Conversions by Showcasing Your Personality

If your site is vanilla, if it’s boring, your conversion rates are going to be miserably low. That’s a fact.

Way back in the infancy of the internet, websites were bland, basic, and boring by necessity. The technology didn’t exist to create such eye-catching and interactive sites as those we can cobble together today. Photos, video, audio all play a part in building a great experience for your customers.

The personality those pieces of you bring to the internet are what sells you products, subscriptions, and memberships. After all, people don’t like to buy from websites, they buy from people. Why send them to an anonymous, cold, and uninviting website? What’s worse, why would you expect them to buy from such a site? You wouldn’t . . . would you?

There are 8 simple “steps” that I’ve been using for years to boost my conversions and opt-ins and to banish the blah from my websites. In fact, one of my students used just one of these techniques (Number 8 in fact) and he increased his conversions from .5% to 12% practically overnight.

To Do List - 8 Steps

You’re results are going to differ but I guarantee that if you inject your personality into your sites, you will see increased buy in from your visitors. Let me show you how:

  1. Add Photos ... of Yourself - The first thing your visitors should see is your smiling face. Put it right up there on the header graphic and sprinkle it throughout. I know many of you are appalled at the thought, but you have to get over your own shyness. If you show people who you are, they begin to trust you. Faces humanize the Internet so you get yours out there.
  2. Put Your Name on Your Website - Unless there’s a legal reason you can’t or shouldn’t put your name on your site, it should be there. Using a fake name just alienates people (believe it or not, we tend to spot those easier than you might think.) Using no name at all is even worse. You customers and visitors should know who you are, who wrote the articles and text their reading, who they should trust. After all, you asking them to give you something (money, their email address, whatever it is) shouldn’t you give them something in return?
  3. Build an About Us (or Me) Page - This is a critical step. Every website should have a section where visitors can learn about their host. Don’t be afraid to stray away from the carbon copy tagline you use everywhere else. Tell folks about your kids, your pets, your hobbies, any cute little eccentricities you might have. Believe it or not, these quirks and traits will not only help visitors picture “you” in their mind, they will also identify with those traits. Maybe they have a cockatoo too, or like to Jet Ski in the summer time. Whatever you can do to get potential convert to relate to you is great!
  4. Add a Bio to Your Articles and Blog Posts - I’m not talking about half a sentence with your name and where you live. On the other hand, I’m not talking about a novel containing your life’s story. The bio should be carefully crafted, roughly 100-200 words, and should showcase who you are, why you should be trusted, and what you can do. Slap this bio on everything: the articles you post on your site, the messages you post in forums, the articles you send out to third party sites, any print media you might create. Get your name and identity out there for people to see.
  5. Scan Your Signature - That’s right. Scrawl your signature on a piece of paper, scan it, and keep the picture file for future use. That signature not only looks great at the bottom of every article, email, and blog post, it also humanizes you and your site. Don’t opt out for the “handwriting font.” Use the real thing. As with your “about us,” it’s the eccentricities and the unique qualities of that signature that will subconsciously help your visitors give you their trust. You want them to say, “hey, this is a real person I’m reading about.”
  6. Add Thumbnails to Your Postings - A Thumbnail is just a small picture of yourself. Make it a good one, easy to see, smiling, happy. Tag this little photo onto all the articles on your site, every article you post on third party sites, you can even use services such as Gravatar (Globally Recognized Avatar) to tack your thumbnail to blog and forum comments. Your face goes a long way toward building trust (if you haven’t already guessed from the previous tips.) Don’t be afraid to show it.
  7. Add Audio to Your Site - In a way, your voice is even more personal that your picture. Everyone gets to see your face, but not many folks get to hear your voice. Welcome visitors to your site, ask them to click that buy button sincerely, tell them how and why you would like to help them. You can imbed audio right on your homepage, create podcasts your visitors can download, even add music to give it the right feel. I used to hate the sound of my own voice in recordings but I realized that sharing it on the internet wasn’t any different than talking to folks in real life—and I love to do that. So I got over my fears and audio is one of my most powerful marketing tools!
  8. Add Video to Your Site - I’m not talking about big budget blockbusters here. Think simple, like a video greeting for your homepage, or a video explaining the benefits of purchasing your products. One of my good friend s owns a bed and breakfast and uses video on her site to give guests a preview of the accommodations. Even something as simple as a narrated slideshow can mean the difference between customers who click and those who click away. Keep in mind that video cameras are fairly cheap and you really can record and edit the footage yourself for next to nothing. (But don’t be afraid to outsource if you feel overwhelmed.)

As you can see, these tips are fairly simple and straightforward. It’s all about adding your own personality, your own identity to your website. This plays directly to your visitor’s social needs. They begin to see you for a real person, not just a nameless guy out to get their money. The more they learn about you, the more comfortable they will be—and comfort equals conversions.

I urge you to use any or all of these techniques on your own site and watch your conversion rates climb.

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