An Easier Way To Double Or Triple Your Income

I was chatting with an associate of mine who wanted some advice about a new website he was thinking about developing. It instantly lead me to the obvious question "What about your existing website?"

He explained the site averages $2,000 a month but he felt the site had hit a plateau. After chatting for a while it became clear he didn't really want a new site, but rather he wanted to earn more money.

I asked him to open up his Google Analytics account and to share the screen with me (via Skype) so I could see what type of keywords he was ranking for already. It turns out he's ranking very well for many, many keyword phrases -- the obvious reason for his revenues.

I explained an easier way to make more money was to improve search engine rankings for keyword phrases you're ranking okay for already. It's an easier way to double, triple or even see a ten-fold increase in his traffic.

You see researchers at Cornell University did a traffic study a few years ago and found the following CTR (click through rate) for the first 10 positions.

Cornell Traffic Study

  1. 56.36%
  2. 13.45%
  3. 9.82
  4. 4.00
  5. 4.73
  6. 3.27%
  7. 0.36
  8. 2.91
  9. 1.45%
  10. 2.55

By studying their findings it's easy to see that if my associate is ranking for #5 with a 4.7% CTR (click through rate) by improving his search rankings from #6 to #1 -- he would see a whopping ten-fold increase in traffic for that keyword phrase.

And that's for just that one keyword phrase. By looking through his analytics it was easy to see he has dozens of keyword phrases in very similar positions. It's very possible you do too!

So how do you move a keyword phrase that's ranking in the #5 spot to #1?

It's easy.

All you need is a few more backlinks to the page using the keyword phrase you're already ranking for in the SERPS (search engine results page).

In other words if hypothetically you're ranking #5 for wooden toy trains -- all you need is a few other quality sites using the exact keyword phrase (I.e. wooden toy trains) as the link to your page.

It's a very unfortunate reality that many site owners are in a position to relatively easily increase their online income -- by improving search engine rankings for keyword phrases you're ranking okay for already.

It's a no-brainer.

If you're still struggling with getting backlinks or need a solid backlinking strategy for your site, my team and I are ready to do it for you.

All the details can be found here:

Good linking!


  1. maria says:

    This article is inspiring me to put more effort into my SEO.

    Thanks James,


  2. Aaron Schulman says:

    Hi James,

    This is exactly what I needed to share with a client. So many people do not understand the power of top 10 natural rankings and are too focused on immediate rewards, let alone the breakdown or spread of the first page. I also had a hunch that the first position had a great advantage, but did not know that it carries over half the click-through weight. I would like to use your idea here and Cornell's findings to publish an original article. My client who I have been working with for almost 4 years decided to invest in just 3 months of SEO (I communicated more was necessary to see lasting results) - well- we ranked the forums I built for them for 3 top phrases (except that our big hitter phrase hit #10 for 2 days, then hovered around 12-15 in Google. I know they are just another batch of 20-30 pad articles away from being ranked at least in the top 3 or 4 but it is often difficult to convey the importance of PAD and SEO. If it weren't for your backlinks course I took a while back, there is no way I would have known how to help them, let alone see the great results we did see from your PAD technique. Thanks again. I will try to help them win if they are able / willing.


  3. Jacquie Cattanach says:

    Hi James, thanks once again for the inspiration to keep pushing for #1. Can you recommend a useful online tool to use that will quickly tell you where your website ranks for certain keywords?

  4. Stone says:

    Thanks James for that nudge to the obvious. I was in a similiar position myself and reading this I realize I should take my list of keywords I am already showing for in Google Analytics and do some sluething to see where I am at and how much effort each would take to make the rise. My suspecision is that many would only take an extra link or two to see them climb.


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