Is Working At Home Right For You?

I guess I've been spoiled.

You see, unlike most people, I've never been into working for someone else. In fact, I've worked from home for most of my adult life running some type of business with my wife Arlene.

Arlene and I take it so much for granted that I thought I'd share with readers what the pros and cons are of this lifestyle because if you've been dreaming of doing this without ever having actually done it you may be in for some adjustments.

For instance, if you're an employee you get many services provided by the company you work for that you might have taken for granted, such as being provided with all your work supplies. In our case, we have to budget for things like office supplies, furniture and various products and services we contract out to suppliers.

Whereas, if you are an employee, your boss will handle all of that for you.

Employees simply show up at work, do their time and leave at the appointed hour. Your employer covers the cost of not only your salary but all the overhead that goes along with keeping you, which may even include health benefits if you live in the U.S.

And that's good. But there are trade-offs.

With us, as home based entrepreneurs, all the costs of running our business are ours, although as Canadians we benefit from government run health care.

Another thing to consider about our situation is that there is always risk when running a business. Although our income since learning how to profit with affiliate programs has been great, there are NO guarantees. In fact, we are subject to normal business cycles just like any other business.

I have several websites that do very well in winter but tank in the summer. Some do well only at Christmas. Others are geared to the wedding season. And frankly, some sites don't do as well as expected. You see, part of the excitement of running a business is seeing how well you can do.

Are you driven by that need to excel? Do you really want the thrill of success? Are you willing to risk failure? Or do you prefer the security of a job?

Since 1999 I have been fortunate to have succeeded online by publishing a large variety of specialty shopping websites in dozens upon dozens of different industries. In addition to this I expanded my business to include innovative and useful trainings for those wishing to make sense of online publishing for profit.

I have personally witnessed amazing success stories over the years with not only my own business but with hundreds of students from all backgrounds who invested in my courses, e-Books and online trainings. Yet, I've also been dismayed by the lack of success for some who had the exact same resources as my successful students.

I've often wondered if the lure of security coupled with the fear of failure were the reasons some did not take their business to the heights of success possible. Of course, what could have held many back was plain old lack of discipline.

You know, for some it's a lot easier to be told what to do. This is your job title. That's your boss. These are your hours. This is your desk. That's when you take your break. There's the coffee machine. This is what we want you to do. For me personally, that would be mind numbing.

In my work life, I never really know for certain what my hours will be for any particular day. In fact, I get up when I want. And that changes from day to day based on how I feel. And usually I start my day with a run to Tim Horton's for a quick trip through the drive thru. And if the weather is nice I roll up to the window in my Shelby Cobra replica.

And while heading back to my desk I start to ponder my agenda for the upcoming day. And if I'm not particularly inspired I may head down to the beach for lunch. I find I'm at my best for about 4-6 hours starting mid afternoon. So that's when I schedule the important tasks.

And if I need a break I take one.

In fact, it's almost a rule with Arlene and I that we take a short vacation every couple of months or so and get away for a few days. We call it a "breakation".

The thing everyone needs to consider when embarking on any type of home-based business is that not everyone has the mental makeup to do it. And for this reason I've always said that those with jobs should keep them until their home-based income meets or exceeds their current income. (a very doable thing with affiliate programs)

The beautiful thing about publishing websites is that you can easily incorporate this web-based activity into the busiest of schedules. Plus you can do it from anywhere in the world as long as you have broadband Internet. So please give this idea of working for yourself some serious thought before investing money.

In fact, a perfect way to know if this type of work can fit into your life is to take advantage of my four week, 30-day money back guarantee. This will give you full access to four weeks of scheduled online classes, complete with homework assignments and 2 live Q&A and coaching sessions with myself.

Then if you find, as some do, that this is not for you, just call or email Arlene and she'll take care of cancelling your membership promptly. It's really a very good way to test the waters.


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