The Power of Written Goals Should Never Be Forgotten — My Favorite Goal Setting & Planning Strategies [New Video]

Ah yes. The power of goals.

Many who work at home run the risk of underachieving due to not having someone else (a boss) defining their work for them.

I learned early on from two business mentors that if you don't have clearly defined written goals or images that represent things you'd like to accomplish that you can easily get lost.

Art Williams, the founder of A.L. Williams, a company I was associated with during the early '90's always stressed this.

It was from him that I got into the weekly habit of visiting the local pub on most Sunday evenings with a pad and pen to write down what I planned to accomplish in the upcoming week over a "cool one".

All that I have accomplished online came about primarily from this habit.

I can easily recall my early determination to build profitable websites, launch a live training in a neighboring town, publish an eBook, do revisions, get into pod-casting (two products at this time The Buzz and Coffee Talk), do live BootCamps, online BootCamps, and a whole lot more -- all coming from these brainstorming-on-paper sessions.

Take my Shelby Cobra for instance.

Once my accountant gave me the green light I now needed to think it through and construct it in my mind first.

So, for a few months, in my spare time, I'd Google for suppliers, designs, fittings, colors, cost comparisons, import options, etc.

I printed these and three-hole-punched them into a tabbed binder which went with me everywhere.

And now it's a reality. (see video above)

And if I look at many of the things I have in my life at this point I could list dozens of other great things that started as an idea in my mind which I converted to paper as the very first step.

Of course, you always have to act on your goals so don't forget this critical step as well. But it is so much easier to take the first step after first visualizing the result.

Another technique I've used with great effectiveness is to create a start page with pictures and descriptions of my current goals.

Now things won't magically fall from the sky if you do this.

But I do believe it guides your actions when you know what your working on.

So get some goals. Define them. Write them down. Get some pictures. And keep them before you.

Two resources I'd recommend if you need more help are:


  1. Motion Groove says:

    You are very right about goals. I bought your book in 2003 and set my goals to make $100 day by December of that year and it came true, as did all the other goals I wrote down on my blog.

    I will see you at ASW my friend. I am from Vancouver as well. I subscribed to your podcasts and enjoyed them alot. Thanks for your guidance over the years. I have moved on to media buying however you taught me seo, Google ad sense and article writing. I will be forever grateful to you. My life changed forever because of online affiliate marketing and you were a big part of that in my beginning years!

    I will introduce myself at ASW this coming weekend, see you there!

    Cosimo Vero

    • James Martell says:

      Hi Cosimo,

      Thanks so much for your post. I am glad to hear you're doing well and please do introduce yourself at Affiliate Summit. If you're available to meet up with Arlene and I at any of the functions you are more than welcome to do so. I would love to hear more about your story. Here's where we'll be at:




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