Eliminate Technical Headaches With The “15-Minute Rule” And My Comprehensive RentaCoder Tutorial

We all know the old saying “time is money.”  But how many of you actually understand and follow the wisdom of that three word gem?

Recently I had a student say to me, “I spent all day trying to correct an issue with my website.”

Really?  You spent all day trying to solve a technical issue?  Needless to say I was a little stunned that someone would spend “all day” trying to solve a technical problem that a professional could easily solve in 15 minutes or less and do so for $10-$15.  Just the frustration alone of having to spend all day on a technical issue would drive me crazy!

I certainly understand that there are budgetary constraints when starting a new business, but honestly, time is money.  What is your time worth, and how much productivity are you losing because of this lost time?

By spending a few dollars to hire a professional to take care of the issue you can be assured the job will be done right and then spend your valuable time working on the more important tasks that you are skilled at doing.  In addition, getting the problem solved quickly will keep your business moving forward and keep you from losing your mind taking on technical headaches you are ill-prepared to deal with.

If you have read my article “Outsourcing - 10 Tip To Fast Tracking Your Business Success” you will remember that I urge you to take advantage of outsourced labor to increase your businesses productivity and to free you up to work on the projects that you are best suited to work on.  For instance, if you aren’t a writer, don’t pretend to be one.  When it comes to writing articles or webpage content, go to Elance.com and hire a professional.

Well, the same is true for technical issues.  If you are having trouble with the technical aspects of your Internet business, I recommend the “15-Minute Rule.”

The 15-Minute Rule is very simple; if you are unable to solve your technical problem in 15 minutes, then take the next 15 minutes and post a project on RentaCoder.com and find a professional that can solve it for you.  This frees you up to work on more important projects and will help insure the problem gets solved correctly and efficiently.

RentaCoder. com is easy to use and has over 200,000 talented people with technical knowledge just waiting to assist you.  Below is a tutorial on using RentaCoder.com.  It looks like a lot of information, but the reality is that using RentaCoder is very simple.  You can have an account set up in less than 30 minutes, and once your account is up it takes less than 15 minutes to post a project.

Here’s the bottom line.  Building a successful online business takes time.  Each of us has a finite amount of time.  When we spend too much time on tasks we aren’t efficient doing, we are throwing money away.  When we spend hours on a project that could be done in minutes by a professional, our business suffers.  Don’t make this mistake.  I can guarantee you will have technical issues while building your online business.  Don’t waste your precious time trying to solve it.

Take the time now to follow my comprehensive RentaCoder Tutorial that follows.  This tutorial will give you a step-by-step guide to set up your RentaCoder account and hiring a professional.  This tutorial alone will save you a lot of time as I show you exactly how to do it.

The small investment of time you make now to read my tutorial will not only equip you to solve any technical issues that come up, but will make your online business more efficient.  Don’t make the same mistake of many entrepreneurs.  You can’t do it all and still be efficient and productive.

Read the tutorial that follows, put the 15-minute rule into effect and watch how your increased productivity results in a more successful Internet business.

RentaCoder Tutorial

Baby Step #1 - Set-up a FREE RentaCoder Account

Setting up an account at RentaCoder is easy and will only take a few minutes of your time.

Once you reach the site on the link above, to begin the set-up process click on the "create your free account" link.

Next, enter your email address and the verification code:

Next, check your email to find the temporary password and enter it into the field as shown below. Then, click on OK.

Next, select a permanent password for your account:

Your registration is now complete.

Next, click on the Continue On... button:

Baby Step #2 - It's Time to Post Your Project!

To begin, click on the Request Bids link:

Next, click on the Requests Bids button:

Next, give your project a title (I.e. Drupal - Install WYZIWYG Editor)

Next, scroll down and select the Project Type:

Next, scroll down and select the Bidding Type:

If you would like to receive bids from all coders on the site select, 'Open Auction'. If you would like to hire receive bids only from coders that you invite (I.e. Ateeq khan), select 'Private Auction'.

NOTE: In most cases you will want to leave the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Protection unchecked.

Once you have decided click on the Next >> button:

Then, unless this is a large project, click on the "clicking here" link to bypass the lengthy interview:

Next, click on Yes.

Next, in clear simple language explain what you need to have done.

NOTE: For the purposes of this tutorial I will walk you step by step through the process of not only setting up your account, but also on posting a project for a technical problem that I recently needed assistance with, and then seeing it through to completion.

Next, scroll down the page passing the "Deliverables" box until you reach the "Platform" field. In this field explain where your site is hosted and that you use CPanel. (assuming you're using BlueHost)

Then click on the Next >> button:

Next, set the Maximum you are willing to pay and choose the length of time you want the bidding to be open.

Then scroll down the page.

Next, agree to the terms and click on the Next >> button:

Next, tell the coders how many days before you want the project completed.

Then, scroll down the page:

Next, have the coders estimate how long it will take them to complete the project:

Then, scroll down the page:

Next, select No and then the Next >> button to learn why it can sometimes take longer than anticipated for coder to complete a project:

Next, even though its a little overkill for such a small project as this I do recommend that you still read this page.

Once you're done. click on the Next >> button:

Next, select the Economy Types. For coding projects I recommend selecting Emerging Economy as shown here:

Next, scroll down the page and select both check boxes next to English fluency and then select the Next >> button:

Next, click on Software Related:

Next, check Web and Web Services and then click on the Next >> button:

Next, select a Screen Name and complete billing information and then click on the Next >> button:

Next, select email alerts and privacy requirements and then scroll down and click on the Next >> button:

Next, we wait for RentaCoder approval:

Once approved, next we will login back into RentaCoder and click on our project Drupal - Install WYZIWYG Editor to see if anyone has placed a bid to solve our technical problem:

Baby Step #3 - Evaluate the Bids

Yes, as you can see within less than 24 hours we have had 14 coders bid on this project with prices ranging from $10-$50 with the average about $30. (see PDF)

Next, it is time to review the bidders and the read messages they sent to us.

I look at their feedback rating.

I look at the cost.

I look at how many feedback they have had.

I look at how much time they need and answer any questions.

Next, I reply to a few questions and ask a question of my own.

Baby Step #4 - Award and Manage the Project

Next, I will read each of the coders replies:

Here's a sample reply:

Next, I will award the project to a suitable coder.

In this case, I am selecting MI-Solutions (Emprise Star) because he has a 9.59 out of a possible 10 rating (based 122 ratings), he got back to me quickly and his price is good.

I can award the project by scrolling up the page and clicking on the "Accept this Bid" link.

Next, I will confirm the bid acceptance by agreeing to the terms and clicking on the Accept bid button:

Next, I need to place the $10 I bid into escrow. I have a number of payment methods to choose from. My preference is PayPal so I check the radio button and then click on the Next >> button.

Next, I need to fund the escrow account by completing the form and the clicking on the Next >> button.

Next, we need to complete the verification process as instructed. Not too worry, it is relatively painless. We're almost done, and most of this only needs to be done once.

Next, I complete the payment transcation:

Next, once the payment has been accepted I click on Return to Exhedra Solutions, Inc. to return to RentaCoder:

Next, I complete the verification process as instructed:

I have successfully completed my part in the RentaCoder verification process.

Next, I will wait up to 24 hours for RentaCoder to finish the verification at their end:

Next, I will need to wait until RentaCoder completes the verification process.

**At this point I need to wait for RentaCoder to finish the verification process.**

The verification process is now complete.

Next, I will click on my project and provide the ftp information as requested by the coder:

Next, I will click Reply:

Next, I say hello and provide the coder with the Admin login for the Drupal site and the login for the ftp and hosting control panel:

**The project is now in the hands of the coder. I will post the final details for this tutorial shortly.

I just heard back from the coder **in less than 1 hour** that he has completed the project.

Next, I will login to the Admin area of the website to see if the problems with the WYZIWYG editor has been corrected.

You can see in the screen shot below that they have been.

NOTE: If I found that the issue was not yet resolved, I would simply send a message back to the coder explaining the situation so they could resolve.

Baby Step #5 - Pay and Rate the Coder

Next, I will reply to the coder and thank him for a job well done.

Next, I will release the funds from the escrow.

Next, I will agree to the payment terms:

Next, I will click on the Rate Coder >> button:

Next, I leave an honest feedback rating for the coder:

Mission accomplished.

As you can see the project went very smoothly.

And you have probably noticed that it takes a fair bit of time to set-up and organize your very first project. However, now that your RentaCoder account is all set up, your next project can be posted in a fraction of the time.

Good outsourcing.

James     😉

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  1. Alex Newell and Kathy Baker says:

    This is a super detailed tutorial. I have used Rentacoder - I like them but found the site some what confusing. Thanks James, I 'll go through this again



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