You Just Finished Your First Podcast… Now What?

As I've mentioned before, podcasts are a great way for business owners to market their business to a targeted audience. If you haven't had the pleasure, a podcast is a digital audio or video file that is issued to subscribers automatically. Still confused?

Let's use my Arlene's Podcast as an example. In this case, Arlene records information, a speech, or a story, to be sent to the individuals on her list. Because they had to subscribe to her podcasts, Arlene knows that each person is interested in what she has to say before she says it.

That type of power is immeasurable. Imagine having an audience at your fingertips, with a series of podcatchers ready to do the work for you.

Using special software, entrepreneurs can send their new files to recipients with little more than a few clicks. The file is then transported instantly to the podcast's subscribers.

The term ‘podcast' stems from a mix of the words ‘broadcast' and 'iPod', even though an iPod is not necessary. Most subscribers download the files to their computers so they can return to them later.

Podcasts are becoming quite popular with business and website owners because they steer the file into the hands of well-matched recipients.

Although many people are nervous about recording a podcast, the benefits greatly outweigh any negatives. Arlene was anxious about her first podcast but plowed through it anyway. After her recording was finished, she added the podcast to her website, along with a thumbnail graphic and a professionally written description of the file's contents.

Believe it or not, stepping up to the plate is easier than you think. But once you've mastered your debut podcast, where do you go from there?

Of course, in order to circulate the file, you will need to find ways to distribute the podcast. In particular, podcast directories are an exceptionally great way to promote your site, with many of their directories available free of charge.

In most cases, you will publish one page for each individual podcast, which will ultimately promote your podcast among hundreds of websites. For example, I created 10 podcasts and submitted each to 25 podcast directories. This means that my file has instantly grown to 250 separate pages, all of which are fully indexable by search engines.

To submit your podcast to a directory, all you need is an RSS feed. Afterwards, your ‘feed' can automatically update the directories you've selected each time a new podcast is uploaded.

Be sure to create a headline and description for your podcast before submitting it – a very easy task.

While it can be hard to know where to start, I have decided to share with you a list of podcast directories that Arlene has submitted her podcast to.

You may find this list useful as well:


The best thing about podcasts is that they are not geared toward any one group or industry. Businesses of all backgrounds and sizes can use a podcast to drive traffic to their website, whether they are a merchant or provider.

One of our April editions featured a piece written by Arlene called Arlene's Becoming Quite the Podcaster, a reflection of her seventh recording.

If you are new to podcasting and need a little confidence boost, this article may be just the ticket.


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