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For those of you who have taken large amounts of time to set up your website and have done the necessary work to make your website “Google crawl able”, I am going to share with you some other nifty tools for your virtual toolbox. These are free tools to use that will assure everything is in order within your website and working to its’ fullest potential when the Google “spider” comes to call.

These tools are the Google Webmaster Tools. Just another in a long series of free tools provided to webmasters by Google. This one has been around for a few years but I find myself constantly reminding students from my trainings about this helpful tool. It is quite easy to set up and once you have taken the few steps to do so, Google will send a spider scurrying through your site. Once it’s done, it will return to you a report indicating if it found any problems that you should address or if everything is okay. This tool is looking for duplicate content issues, indexing problems, penalties, inbound links (including the anchor text that was used), keywords Google found when crawling your site and a lot more. In the usual Google fashion, they provide a simple tutorial for you to get started with their webmaster tools. However, I found a neat little 4:54 minute video on YouTube that will demonstrate this great little service.

Click the play button in the video above – I encourage you to take advantage of this free resource.

Google Webmaster Tools are worth the time it takes to set up. Knowing that you are doing everything correctly after all the time and money that you have invested in your website, will be a welcomed comfort.


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