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Recently, I was chatting with Charles Johnston, a good friend of mine and former long time host of the Affiliate Buzz, about a website that I was developing for a client. The client had asked me a few weeks earlier if I offered a service to build his site for him. This conversation got me thinking about ways I can help out my readers and friends in the industry who need help getting started on the right track.

Like many beginning affiliate marketers, the client was very interested in developing a revenue stream but felt he lacked the time or the technical expertise to actually create his own professional quality website.

My client had questions ranging from which types of software to use to how to properly design his site. After a short conversation, I began to realize that I could offer a great value to my clients by offering web development services. Today, we’re opening this offer to all of our readers, and aer eager to work with you to help jumpstart your campaigns.

Let Us Help You Build an Affiliate Site Today

After talking with Charles about how successful the project went, I asked him if there might be demand for this type of service. Immediately, I sent out an e-mail to some of my contacts and struck a nerve because my team and I are now developing over 15 custom websites for individuals interested in making money with affiliate websites.

Working with my client through the process, I helped him build a beautiful site and enjoyed the process so much that I wanted to offer other affiliates the same opportunity. With professional web development at affordable rates, you can focus on the important aspects of your campaign and limit any startup mistakes in the process.

Since we are affiliate marketers at heart, we understand the process necessary to build a successful affiliate site from the ground up. By working with our team, you can avoid the headaches that come with learning new programming languages and instead focus on the exciting parts of affiliate marketing such as designing campaigns, long-term niche strategies and networking with other affiliates.

My goal is to help you get your affiliate campaigns on the right track, and our web development services can help accelerate your shift from startup to successful marketer. If you have any interest in letting me build your site for you, send an email Charles at charles2@webmail.us and he will be happy to provide you with the details on our pre-built website service.

Stay tuned for future additions of The Martell Newsletter – we have some exciting new offers, news and tips on the way. In future newsletter, I will update everyone on how our web development offers are going, including some samples that will show you what our team is coming up with.


  1. Kristi Davis says:

    Please forward me a link to the affiliate marketing websites that you all have built so far?

  2. james kaysing says:

    Hello and Happy New Years.

    My name is James Kaysing and I just got a .com and wish to make money with it but have no clue how to do it?

    I am currently unemployed don't have the money to pay some one to build a site for me but want to try to make money on the net. I am hosting my site on hostgater.com. Any way I don't like to take other people's time. I don't no the first thing about developing a website and I don't know a lot about the Internet.

    Well I guess you can say I just don't no much of any thing but am trying.


    PS - If you can help or send me in the right direction.

    • James Martell says:

      Hi James,

      You sound like you're in exactly the same place I was 10+ years ago when I first got started. I wanted to earn my income "online", but didn't have the first clue of where to get started.

      I ended up in the affiliate marketing industry and have never looked back. I am happy to suggest to you to grab a copy of my new Affiliate Marketing Answer Book. It includes 6 hours of free audio that will get you up to speed on a proven way to make money online... and the ebook itself is FREE!

      I would also suggest digging in and listening to my interviews with other experts to learn more about creating income online by hearing how others are doing things that you could model, plus be sure to subscribe to my podcast.

      I hope this helps.



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